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( GT Mr Caldarius ) #560

i thought they did it since most mobas have a gold blue skin i guess thats brown but more realistically i think were just over thinking it im sure gbx was looking at what was more artistically pleasing and didnt assume everyone would jump and say its racist

(kmb0396) #561

yeah and thats fine. but you wouldnt paint your skin darker for a halloween costume (i hope anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ) and that’s what this person is saying this skin reminds them of

(kmb0396) #562

i agree that this was probably what they were thinking, and that this wasn’t MEANT to hurt anybody, but it’s good to keep in mind things like this anyway i think

(Derrickbmullen3) #563

For the love of god dont nerf her into the ground…Just reduce her health a bit…

( GT Mr Caldarius ) #564

i mean some people go out looking to be offend remember tracer with overwatch so you cant pleas everyone

(jag) #565

It’s bad to dress up like another ethnicity because ethnicities aren’t costumes? Especially when the target ethnicity is targeted/discriminated against based on skin color, using it as a thing you can just put on and off for the sake of ‘aesthetics’ or whatever is kind of insensitive as all heck.

(Vensaval) #566

It’s a video game. Not real life.

Besides, on Halloween, people go to great lengths to get into the character of their costume. Vampires, witches, various animals, characters from video games. So, by your logic, a white woman putting on some makeup to make their Cleopatra costume more believable would be crossing the line?

I already know the answer. Just keep this in mind.

“Offense is taken, not given.”

(kmb0396) #567

light skinned people painting their skin darker has been used to make a mockery of black people (blackface). i’m sure gearbox didn’t set out to do this, but that’s what it reminded op of.

(Ryoung1989) #568

It’s a historical thing. A few decades ago, black people weren’t allowed to be actors. Whenever a black character was part of a show, white people would put on this over the top makeup to make themselves look black with huge red lips. Look up black face if you’re curious to see it.

That being said, I never would have thought of black face just looking at that skin. It just looks like an egyptian skin to me, both before and after I read what that guy said. I think you’re being a bit too sensitive, maybe even trolling?

( GT Mr Caldarius ) #569

id like to think were better than that as in if it was wrong before it has to stay wrong forever we know it isnt what its ment to be anymore so we shouldnt live in the shadow of the past

(Gerard HDZ) #570

Knock it off with the skin discussion, guys. Ambra’s unique skin thing is Ancient Egypt themed, NOT meant to offend anyone

(jag) #571

Just because it wasn’t intended to offend doesn’t mean it can’t come off as insensitive.

(Ryoung1989) #572

I gotcha, and I’m with you on that. Just was explaining why someone might find it offensive, it seemed like the guy genuinely didn’t understand why it was an issue.

Also, it really wasn’t that long ago. There are definitely people alive today who remember those times, so they especially would be sensitive to it. Though I doubt many of those people are likely to be on these forums :stuck_out_tongue:

(Vensaval) #573

Blackface ended over 50 years ago. A character having a different skin color in an alternate skin isn’t blackface. If you’re getting offended by such a thing, it’s because you’re looking to be offended by it.

One of Robert Downey Jr.'s best roles is literally him playing a character wearing makeup to look like a black person in Tropic Thunder. Him and the countless other people who paint their faces for cosplay or to dress up for Halloween are all doing one simple thing:

Playing a role.

( GT Mr Caldarius ) #574

truth i didnt even think of that but they should be happy that we dont live in times like that anymore and be glad to see how we,ve moved on or something i dont they,ll figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

(Vensaval) #575

If you’re a person getting offended over an alternate skin for a character in a video game, you need to rethink your life and open your mind back up.

(Is this thing on?) #576

If you swapped the brown and gold on the face mask, and then made all the brown parts blue, it would look like Tutankhamun! (And don’t it make my brown eyes, blue.)

(Vensaval) #577

The people who are alive today that remember those time are more than likely over it considering is was half a decade ago. They’ve got other things in their lives to be concerned about.

You’d be surprised about the things elderly people will easily laugh off these days. No kidding.

(Answers aplenty in the by and by.) #578

I’m just going to address the audience for a moment…

Hey folks. Can you imagine how bad this would go if they did an Egyptian costume and she stayed white?

Okay, continue.

(Vensaval) #579

Huh. It would look like his mask.