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This is a great idea. Give us something to do while we wait for matchmaking, help yeah I’m down for that. Also realize this will never happen, but a guy can dream can’t he.

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Yeah sad it won’t be a reality…sadness… sniffle

(Iiits Kyle) #604

Please tell me you are looking at MIKO. Miko is the most OP character in the game. Her damage output, combined with the ability to heal faster than you can damage people and her quickness to get away, makes her ridiculous. She needs to be brought down.

(the one person that likes capture ) #605

i wish they would’ve added a town hub not necessary but makes me feel more apart of the game for sure. :mask: and easier to make more friends maybe?( if they wanted to go open world not just lobby) so hard to make friends.


My first thought in regards to a town hub is a group of WF’s all doing the tea ceremony taunt LOL :joy:

(Boomerlinski) #607

I played a number of games over the weekend. In a number of those Alani topped the damage charts, did 70k+ healing and provided awesome support, cc and alpha strike enabling for the team.

She is kind of ruining the game atm, at least from a PvP perspective which this game mostly is.

Do you (the devs this is) not think it would have been wise to suspend access to Alani until you patch it instead of saying “enjoy OP Alani we’ll fix it next week sometime”? Especially when you consider that not everybody has access to Alani at the moment.

Isn’t that a big middle finger to those players? Those players who may be wanting to play their new game over this bank holiday weekend in what may be the only free time they have for awhile?

Just saying, this could be a big weekend for this game and… well I know it put my mate well off the game and he has Overwatch as an alternative. Once ya lose people sometimes they don’t end up coming back.


Those of us that had her were the test group to find any balancing issues. Also, we paid for the season pass and are entitled to the benefits as such. it’s pretty cut and dry; you don’t buy a season pass, you don’t get the early access. I will agree that she has been a mild annoyance in pvp, but I personally just stuck with pve for a couple of days and now that I’m back on the pvp side I’m hardly seeing her. The new character hype is already dying off as we speak.

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[quote=“shinobido101, post:608, topic:533611, full:true”]
Those of us that had her were the test group to find any balancing issues.[/quote]

QA and balance testing happens before launch into a live game. You are not in any way a test group.

You’re not wrong, but people payed for the game. Their entitlement to play an experience that isn’t madly out of wack supersedes your own.

More than mild id argue, the forums attest to that in addition to the devs saying she’s OP.

I don’t think that is a “choice” you should be forced into making.

Personally I suspect that is because she is so OP it’s embarrassing to play as her and you’re kind of ruining the game.


Not officially, no. But it’s clear they didn’t test her too well before releasing her and used the SP holders to generate a much wider spread of data and feedback to compile. Small test groups will always yield narrower results, hence why Ambra, Gali, ISIC, and Ghalt have been nerfed in the last month alone.

You don’t pay for early access, you don’t get early access. It’s not rocket science. If you wanted early access you should have bought the season pass like I did. I chose to support GBX and this game in return for SP perks.

Mild, in my opinion

I wasn’t forced. I chose to willingly. Some people don’t want to play pve though… I get that… but there are still 25 other characters you can choose to play as. It’s like the people complaining have forgotten that there’s this entire game called Battleborn outside of Alani.

As someone who only yesterday started playing Galilea again since beta, I can attest the truth of this statement.

They’re going to nerf her. Anyone without a SP will have access to her in, what, 24 - 36 hours? If you don’t want to be disappointed by missing out on early access again with next 4 extra characters then buy a SP. You can be upset about missing out, but you just can’t justify arguing that it’s unfair that you didn’t get something when you didn’t pay for it.

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Erm I wasn’t? Disapointed that is… or arguing that it was unfair I didn’t get something.


Ok, so I’ve re-read your comments and I have concluded that I have made some gross assumptions based on my perception of the tone behind your comments. I was clearly mistaken about what your core complaint here is, and I apologise :pensive:

wow that’s embarrassing. what a tool.

I actually agree with you, that they should have given Alani more extensive testing prior to her release. Suspending access to her until they patched her would have bee a good idea. In theory. I think a lot of people would accept and support the idea, but the few bad apples would kick up a royal stink about having their new favourite toy taken away no doubt. My best guess as to why she was released without the extensive testing? It’s cheaper, quicker, and easier to use the player base. Lazy, maybe, but more effective from a business point of view. Not that I am defending that decision, just musing about the why

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[quote=“shinobido101, post:612, topic:533611, full:true”]
Ok, so I’ve re-read your comments < snip for space > [/quote]

Heh, no worries that sort of things happens easily and, frankly, a lot of the time I am in impatient overly aggressive git on forums so I can see how you’d make the mistake :wink:

As I said I hate to call this stuff early, but it takes a lot to get a “REALLY?! OH COME ON!” response out of me and Alani managed to do it quite a lot. Her damages output is about double what it should be and her healing would be to much at that DPS still.

140k+ Damage with 70k+ healing in one incursion with all the CC on top? She outheals everybody but a Miko pocket and he only barely puts out higher total healing and virtually no damage.

Anyway, think I’ve whinged enough, be lucky :wink:

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I paid for the pass and didn’t get to try her I got a bug with my firstborn and season pass what’s my reward for getting grade a ■■■■■■ no lube without the courtesy of a reacharound.

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