The devil's razor?

I missing a mission I’m 8/9 missions of 100% the map any help here thank you?!

Well, what are the 8 missions you’ve done so far? It shouldn’t be too hard to look up all missions on the map and figure out which one you are still missing.

Also, do you have the main quest “The Great Vault” finished in that playthrough? There’s a mission type you can’t accept before that and Devil’s Razor does in fact have a mission of that type.

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Good chance it’s the Claptrap ‘Baby Dancer’ mission - that one can be hard to get to trigger. Not sure what the criteria are for when it becomes available; you pick it up from Claptrap on Sanctuary but run it on Devil’s Razor.


I’ve seen mostly two criteria that people speculated about:

1: Finish the following five quests first: Bad Reception, EchoNet Neutrality, Healers and Dealers, Raiders of the Last Rock and Transaction Packed.

2: You need to have found all of the Claptrap components first.

It’s possible that you actually need to do both.

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LOL @jmthsauer @VaultHunter101 I am not too much of completionist at all, but I have played the crap out of BL3 and have never even heard of the mission you guys are talking about. I love it when I learn new things about this game!


I’m going to do what you tell me to do & see what happens

Thank you for the info

It’s the only requirement, Dancer baby opens up when the other claplist missions are completed

And I was 200% sure that the game is buggy…

Had things like “areas found 10/9” or “typhon logs found 4/3”. Then just decided that the game bugs and getting Plat is impossible.

yeah, i would not trust the planet completion stats. i have about 143% completion on my galaxy map. platinum is definitely possible, or at least it were when i got it, but that was about 1 week after release.

even back then though, certain explored areas didn’t register unless i stood in a specific spot etc. was a mess.

Yeah one of this areas in eden-6 with the waterfall… Don’t know if it’s still the case but had to Google it back in the days because I had definitely discovered the whole map.

Maybe it’s time to get this trophy…

I think that’s part of the problem - you can completely uncover the entire map without triggering the ‘discovered location’ for all of them. I honestly preferred the BL2 system, but that would be a real pain on a number of the maps (Carnivora in particular)

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