The difference between Alani and Boldur


I have played 25 Boldur Matches now, trying to get a grip on him. And while I’m getting better understanding him, he is pretty much useless. He’s not good in killing minions, holding lines or killing. He practically sucks at everything and is outclassed by every mediocre Alani player. Now I understand it is extremely difficult to balance all the characters, but some are just way to bad. Pretty much all the tanks suck and are killed and pushed back way to easily. Sure, some guys will play good with tanks, but they are just great players and will also be a beast with Galilea, Alani, Oscar etc. I think this is bad for the balance of the teams and I really hope and advise a big buff on the tanks to help the diversity in the games.

What do you think?

Thanks for the compliment

Well alani is just plain broken so ignore her. But otherwise bolder is pretty balanced imo. His early game is a bit rough, but once he gets his Ult he is a one man wrecking crew. For the first 5 levels you should be holding your shield up most of the time and just taking a few swings at minions her and there. You should also buy buildables for the experience early game, I carry a 0 cost shard generator to help with this. A support behind you goes a long way as well, but it’s not absolutely necessary if you play careful enough. Just be patient with him. I will sometimes have like 1 or 2 ( or 0) kills and 5 deaths up until level 5, and then as soon as I hit 5 just start destroying the other team. The power spike is real!


I think you probably need some more work on Boldur…

I could do this all day… You’ll notice every clip is all about waiting until the right moment, until an enemy mistake, and punishing it. That’s what Boldur does, he sits there behind his shield waiting for a misstep and then he kills you. It sounds like you’re missing out on the killing part at the end of the standing there waiting part.

Seriously though, Boldur’s the best front-line in the game, and now that they’ve nerfed Galilea, nobody can push him out of a lane.


Tanks are reliant on support like in every other game with clear classes that require team work. Boldur is obviously not meant to get a ton of kills, it’s not his role and it won’t feel flashy playing him. I played Reyna for about 50 games and a lot of games you don’t feel like you did much, but everyone else has higher numbers than average. It’s also near impossible to tank if your team isn’t communicating. Effort in futility for sure.

Plus, what he said. If you’re holding the front-line and your team is winning, then you’re doing your job… And when the enemy team gets frustrated enough to step out of position, throw an axe at them.

I have yet to ever have a Boldur game where I don’t get at least one kill pre-level 5… usually it’s two or three. After that, though I maybe have 4 or 5 deaths ever. He’s my go-to tank when we have no healers and we need a front-line… Boldur with a Miko should practically never die.

I end up with a lot of assists early game with bolder. I can stun the enemy with my dash, but my killing power isn’t that great and usually someone else swoops the kill from me. Then level 5 hits and my kill power doubles

I’m not playing with a Miko. And when playing against a Boldur, I always laugh because they always suck (including myself btw). I would love to see a good Boldur though, so feel free to invite me

PS4: HairyCallahan

Even better, If you play against me and you get 15 kills, I will give you a plate saying u r the best ever Battleborn player. Just played against another Boldur with Mellka. I had 17-3 and destroyed him.

My stats with boldur are over 2.0kdr. I don’t know what you’re doing but boldur is amazing and dishes out insane damage. My win rate mostly as solo queue is 75%. He’s fine as is.

He’s like a LoL tank. He’s got low damage output until your opponent f*cks up.

That he is not a character for you.

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I dunno if maybe you’re confused about Boldur’s role or how his skills work or something along those lines? Getting a bunch of kills isn’t really his job, but you’ll get some anyway between boldurdashing ppl into walls, stunning & finishing them off, adding slow to your basic axe toss, or tossing the rune-enhanced explosive axe into a crowd - which will also pretty much instakill minions. Boldur will get a good amount of assists between his CC and adding some damage here & there, but he has the singular ability to solo large groups of the enemy team - once his runes are active just backpedaling w/ your shield up will heal you for most of the damage they’re trying to do.

I played a match w/ Boldur where one of our players disconnected right at the beginning b/c some noob kid was whining about Attikus & Boldur being on the team, and I pretty much solo’d the left lane as Boldur, died once or twice maybe in the entire match, but mostly 3 or 4v1’d their team while the other 3 members of my team were pushing the right lane and winning. Galilea got a bunch of kills, but if Boldur hadn’t been tanking most of their frustrated team we would have still lost badly.

Not to discredit that Boldur is great ( I main Boldur) but getting 30+ kills on any character in this game only proves 1 of 2 things:

1.The enemy team sucked badly (easily this)
2. The character is OP (obviously not the case)


That, or i was supported by Alani. (Their Rath was suicidal, though)
It’s also to prove that you can destroy whatever you want with Boldur. He is not “bad at killing” or whatever.

If you want some others, i got that too (A short one, and a full length. Pre-Alani, and no healer):

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Note that a lot of these games with super killer Boldurs have tend to have squishy characters on the opposing team, that’s the sort of character and situation he excels against as a brawler/killer, or solo tanking in holding the incursion lane against 3+ enemies while the rest of your team is healing/reviving/thrall camping.

Pretty much this.

I think that you are bad at this game and looking to jump on the bandwagon of hating Alani.


Guys, I probably just suck with Boldur:sweat: