The Dirty hookers Shayne and Ghalt update

Yo! In sure we have all noticed aurox flying through targets during fetch and for Shayne players it is now a skill that fails to trigger the intended effects…it sucks.Fix.
Also! If Ghalt could have a buff to hook so that it has base damage I think it would really mix things up
95 DMG that scales with levels?? But Shayne wtf aurox fumbles like a @


Shayne & Aurox’s Fetch bug is alteady one of the most requested bugs to be fixed.

As for Ghalt, I don’t think he needs any buffs, or at least to his hook. I would actually like for it to get nerfed myself, remove his L1 Augment completely and nerf R4.


I wouldn’t mind seeing R4 nerfed. Just to see some other choices being picked.


I would like to see Ghalts hook changed so it works better regarding map geometry. Being pulled from around corners is annoying, especially if your character has a big hit box; pulling someone and then having them get stuck at the top of the stairs in front of the first sentry on Echelon is also another issue that needs to be resolved.


Hook already has base damage of 11 and he doesn’t need any buffs. That hooker is good enough as is.


The level one left side can be it’s own nerf. With the increased size, it makes it certainly easier to pull battleborn, but it always carries the risk of hitting walls, minions or unintended targets to due the size of it. I would say a -10% hit box would be good.

And don’t you touch my efficient extraction crow D:<


Here’s the issue. “pulling around corners” isn’t really a bad thing. It’s not a lack of skill on the Ghalth’s part, in fact thats one of the most skilled pulls that Ghalt can land, big or small hitbox. That’s more of a fail of geometry and walls not doing their job, acting like sliders rather than stoppers. IRL you don’t grind against a wall at 60 mph, you smack into it, in Battleborn it’s the opposite. If they fix one, however, the other has to be fixed. No longer do characters/players get to abuse staircases, like in Overgrowth in particular and they get pulled down instead of purposely abusing a known glitch to prevent skilled Ghalts from taking their asses down from that perch. Sorry biased little rant.

The “around the corner pull” is again, a good idea of how skilled the ghalt is. It requires specific timing and extensive knowledge of how Ghalt is played, how quick his hook his before level 4 and after level four, as well as trajectory and motion of the enemy your trying to pull. In Overgrowth, it is significantly easier to “Blind Pull” someone because people tend to walk around the corner of their front door quite casually until the Ghalt racks up anywhere from 5-10 pulls in the opening five minutes of the match. In my personal opinion, it’s much easier to pull off than the “around the corner pull” because you have to factor in all those above mentioned factors into an “around the corner pull”. It’s almost like a Ghalt knowing how and when to pull Kelvin out of sublimate for maximum Kelvin counter. Anticipation and aim are Ghalt player’s main weapons, the best have those honed to a tee

But guys it is time for massive changes for these 2 ,Ghalt needs a chunky hook DMG its not even appealing to get the DMG buff at 4 (don’t lie) u want to get those hooks. Now it would just give more reason to hook for the dmmg plus I hate the fact Ghalts DMG is his mines and his shotguns. 11 hook DMG &%$@ off pls

Hooks in games like these are never there for the purpose of being damaging skills. The hooks power is in displacing the enemy. Ghalt is commonly regarded as one of the most powerful characters in game currently and most certainly does not need buffs.

The DPS on his shotgun is also one of the highest in the game and, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, hooking someone puts people at the ideal spot for maximum damage potential. Right in front of you, that is. (As is the nature of shotguns, the closer something is, the more pellets will hit it.)


Let me comment on this once more before heading to bed.

Ghalt’s main purpose is to pull individuals out of position and help the rest of the team dogpile said individual. It has been the one job he has excelled at since day one and despite the nerfs to his scraptraps where those no longer stun enemies, they are still quite effective and he is the number one displacer in the entirety of the game.

His shotguns do very respectable damage after I believe two buffs whereas it used to be less than threatening. Now, if your a character with a big crit box (toby, ernest, kid ultra, montana, Kelvin) or are squishy (Benedict, alani, reyna among others) Ghalt can melt your face and melt it quickly.

Returning to his hook, the bread an butter. Ghalt is among my top four characters and while I don’t claim to be the best, I know some of what he’s about. Extra damage is not needed on the hook, if you really feel that way, go ahead and take it on level four instead of Efficient Extraction and watch all your pulls briskly avoid each and every hook you throw their way. It’s not something that needs a buff because it’s not meant to do damage/do significant harm much like Reyna’s Priority Target the point is to as mentioned, put a key opponent right in front of you and your entire team. Because 5v1 is always best odds when it comes to an annoying healer, out of place tank or frustrated sniper.

The point of the pull is again, pulling people out of position and giving your team opportunities to gain XP in a swift manner. For example, if I am playing Ghalt and I pull a Miko, I’m either getting a kill or assist batch of XP, however many team members do something to that miko also have that chance. Hence why pulls like Ghalts and, to a lesser extent, Shayne’s are so potent and powerful. Isolating one enemy from his or her entire team is a POWERFUL statement in any competitive game.

Which will bring me to the conclusion of this little miniature explanation. At level 4 (or at least at base), you want the hook to do more damage. The thing is at lvl 6, there is another helix option to cause damage over time, based on how long the target stays in pulled animation. Unless it’s a character with heavy shields, you’ve drained off their entire base shield (300) and/or a good chunk of their healthbar AND put them right dab in front of your entire team. At level 9 there is an even better combination where you can put a damage amp on your hook, including the lvl 6 drain. His hook can do a lot of solid damage on its own and, if one’s ghalt is good, then your team should be getting fed pretty well.

The three main levels of Ghalt’s hook that make him an absolute nightmare on the battlefield are:
Lvl 4: Efficient Extraction. The +133 damage is inferior to increased range and speed and the triple hook is a sure sign that a Ghalt has no clue what he’s doing and basically has taken himself out of the game with that helix option alone. Seriously that mutation is THAT bad. He becomes as useless as Pendles if he takes the triple hook.

Lvl 6: Drain Chain. This should never be a contest, that thing is deadly.

Lvl 9: Damage Amp. The cooldown is a nice touch to keep hooking more and more and should be taken if your build is already dedicated to cooldown reduction, but the damage amp is crucial especially when you have teammates with massive burst potential (Toby, Boulder, Deande, Benedict and many others).

Prime combos with Ghalt: Kelvin (not even a question, bring a Kelvin with you and relive the glory days of Ghalt pulling into stunning scrap traps), Galilea (depends on how accurate your shield tosses are), Miko/Alani (Great supports with some of the heaviest slows/best stuns or locks in the game), Toby (Stun mine after hook=delete button), Deande/Thorn (high burst damage followed by a hook usually means limping away from the battlefield if they survive), Montana (Amazing when the big lug learns to stand behind you so he doesn’t block your pulls). Many others

Bad characters to combo with: Ambra (Ambras love their staff slams and honestly not a single one knows how to time it right and they save targets), Boulders (While arguably the best tank atm, he does nothing short of block and if your boulder is inaccurate with boulderdash it can be rather frustrating)

This was all I could think of, in regards and response to this statement. I might post something in the morning about the two (Shayne and Ghalt), but not sure if I should/want to cause laziness and I don’t know jack ■■■■ about numbers I only know how to make them go.

Though my best Ghalt game in terms of assists was over 50

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Nice! Just trying to get another way to play characters tho but hey let’s just leave it the same . extended range is picked 100% of the time just saying. Want more ways to play?

There are other ways to make him more versatile if that’s what you’re going for. A damage buff on his hook wouldn’t achieve that as it would just make his current playstyle more potent.

Movement speed and attack speed are good on him. The latter more than the former

I would just like to have more options when I pick OGhalt . I think we would see more ghalts appear with skill DMG builds that could really be the perfect option for assassination ghalts needing more oomph than a shotgun

If you want more oomph you could just stack attack damage and buff your already powerful shotgun… If it’s some gimmick build you want a melee Ghalt could be an option, afaik his quick melee has the highest qm dps in the game.

Ghalts kit is not about skill damage, if you want a skill dmg burst assassin you should go with an actual caster like Thorn or maybe Deande. Characters have roles for a reason.

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No mention of Ghalt/Rath? You know, knock up the pulled target and the entire enemy team with a waveform smash to prevent literally any sort of rescue or escape.

I’m hurt Garrus.

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While it’s definitely nothing to shirk at, I just prefer a follow up of stun or heavy slow, Rath’s pop-up is somewhere in the middle of Alani’s Gyser and a Kelvin hard stun. It definitely completes the duties of both CC and creating helplessness of the target, but until Lvl 4 it has no silence and if the target survives, they aren’t slowed by the pop up and promptly sprint around the corner or deep into sentry territory. It’s all very situational, but I’ve run comps where Rath was my only follow up CC and it would end in disaster or not a kill. If I’m the Ghalt I llike a Rath pop up as the last thing to make sure targets don’t get out, not the first. He’s very situational in when he is great CC to follow up after a pull, do it at the wrong time and he ends up as a second Ambra because the rest of the team wasn’t ready for him and either miss their CC or end up in positions worse than the one character I’ve pulled. The number of circumstances are infinite, though a list of great CC follow ups after a pull would’ve been included in said Ghalt breakdown, but I got lazy and haven’t made it.

Ghalt/Rath gives me life. Tbh anything that has to do with Rath gives me life at this point… I might be swapping from a dragon main to a rath main at this point…


I’m slowly turning into an Oscar Mike main. Take my role as the head Rath main of ps4 so that I may retire into a life of napalm and airstrikes.


Is it time for the shifting of the mains?!