The Disappearance of My Claptrap Heads

I have spent almost a year playing BL:TPS and I have gotten 8/15 heads so far. But the thing is, my heads aren’t showing up in my character customization thing. I’m missing the best 3 I have, and I REALLY need to use them. Any help???

BTW: I’m missing CMD0-TP, The one you can get from the empyrean sentinel, and SN0-TP


@VaultHunter101 plz help me you know EVERYTHING!!!

I wish I could help but, unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to this one. If you check the tech support areas, you’ll see that losing hands and skins seems to be a recurrent problem in the game. You can try filling a support ticket. Meanwhile, all I can suggest is farming the Sentinel or hitting the relevant trade section, and making sure you back up your game saves and data regularly. What platform are you on again?

@VaultHunter101 I’m on xbox 360

OK. If I run across extras of those heads, I’ll ping you.

Is your inventory set to view ‘All’?

@VaultHunter101 Thanks, I’m not sure what “ping” means, though :wink:

“One ping only, Vassily”

If that is from another borderlands, this is the only one give played plz just explain it


Sorry about that - I wondered if it might be a bit esoteric. It’s one of my favourite lines from the movie, “The Hunt for Red October”. If you haven’t seen that, I highly recommend it (despite having Sean Connery in it as an aging Scots-Russian sub captain!)


I will keep
that in mind…