The Division, the next great game

Lets talk about how damn good this game looks

It looks appealing, but I deplore 3rd person games, that’s one reason why I hate ME.

I think it looks great but lately so many of the big hyped games have been huge letdowns, so I’m cautiously optimistic about most games.

I had heard of it but with Ubisoft’s recent problems on release The Divison had not made any impact on me yet. This just changed.

@SuitableTrain8 Appreciate the vid, looks fantastic. Have since been looking at the show reel they have put up for the Snowdrop engine and very impressed.

This vid is from the bottom of the scroll forever home page of the main site and thought it worth sharing.

“the next great game”
Ubisoft… nope

I want this game.

The next watchdogs maybe…

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99% chance it will be.
I wonder how many radio towers this game will have :^)