The DLC is beautiful

i just wanna appreciate an other beautiful piece of art, GBX just delivered

pretty animals, buildings, awesome soundtrack and all these hot water grottos and crystals remind me of hayter’s folly a lot


For all the issues with weapons, balancing and such the art, music and level design has been just tippy top in my opinion.

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I give GBX alot of credit for their artistry, the environments, sound, and soundtracks. Always have been top notch.
Just wish they would learn about playability and fun. That is where they consistently mess up.


This new dlc and the awesome guns in it, pushed all the right buttons for me. I’m again super pumped to play this game and think I’m gonna use Moze more now as a result


I hope at so point the JetBeast gets armor that works.
Can win most one v ones but when they come in a pack, JetBeast gets destroyed every time. Now I just hop off and kill them by hand.


Yeah, the jetbeast could use a bit more durability… I also just hop out now when I come across a group of enemies.

agreed! BL3 could be one of the best games… yet all the screwups make it mediocre at best :frowning:

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Best dlc in bl3 by a mile. Super excited to see whats in store for future updates/dlc,this game still could be better than bl2 and I hope gearbox keep going in the right direction :blush:

well…the next DLC will emotionally hit hard D: