The Dominance capstone

Sounds great, synergize well with “He Bites!” and “Frenzy”. I like the pet movement speed addition, that could be a possible rework for the trainer class mod even


For me, I would just scrap it as a capstone. Move it to the middle instead. If we’re gonna keep it, make it Fl4k’s version of Deterrence Field. I just can’t see this skill or any version of mind control being worthy of a capstone, Fl4k kills things too fast to go through the trouble of it. I’d much rather see one focusing on buffing Fl4k and their pet.

That way more people could possibly pick up the skill and the 1 tr4iner user can still have their fun.


Yeah, I’ve been suggesting something similar for a while. Dominance isn’t a terrible skill, but its too weak and situational to ever compete with TPI and Megavore, especially since every build except maybe some weird version of pets gets the skills they want out of the tree long before reaching it. If it was earlier in the tree it might have decent usage. I would never go down the whole master tree just to get dominance but I might put a point in it to advance down the tree if the new cap was worth it. In that case all dominance really needs is a benefit to FL4k for having a dominated enemy so that dominating an enemy is less situational. Something like bonus damage to the type of enemy you have dominated or a small amount of health regen would work. Even if they just made dominated enemies count as a pet for skills like hive mind and frenzy it would give a small reason to use it that might be worth a single point for people who want to go down the whole tree.

My idea for the cap skill was to switch Dominance with a buffed Psycho Head on a Stick. Make the pet damage from psycho head multiplicative, add a FL4k buff to the skill and possibly allow it to stack a few times. The fl4k buff should be something defensive to fit with the master tree’s themes and distinguish it from the other 2 cap skills being damage focused. A sort of “berserker” skill where kills stack health regen and damage reduction (in addition to the pet damage/speed) would fit well with the psycho head imagery and Fl4k’s no lifesteal no shield skills brand of survivability. Or they could just bite the bullet and give it life steal or even just life steal off pet attacks, personally I don’t want Fl4k to have life steal but it seems a lot of people do and making it part of a cap skill would make sense and might mix up the Fl4k meta a bit. This most important thing is this change wouldn’t require any new skills to be made just adding to existing skills.


You know, I never bothered to look up if Dominance procced those skills. But wow… a capstone that doesn’t synergize with other skills in the tree, yikes!

I don’t want to sound rude but I legitimately want to know the process on why they made this a capstone.


That’s been our primary complaint with Dominance for months. It’s like they just made a random skill our capstone. I can’t think of any other capstone that has so little synergy with the rest of its tree, or any other skill in general as out of place as Dominance is.


Yeah literally 11 months ago I was rambling the same crazy ideas about switching dominance and psycho head to anyone who would listen and talking about how once we hit the final level cap FL4k meta would be all red/green because of how little dominance synergizes with the master tree.

Dominance is really weird, it’s not even that it’s a bad skill it’s that it makes absolutely no sense conceptually to make it the cap skill. Sure I think it’s fun to whack enemies on the head and brainwash them but it’s nowhere near useful enough to justify its position and I’ve seen so many great ideas for a master cap in the past year. The cap skill should be something big that enhances the tree’s playstyle, like how the hunter tree has a lot of crit skills that megavore makes much more reliable. Dominance doesn’t interact with the rest of the tree at all, and it actually goes against the master tree’s playstyle by encouraging you to rush into melee range of enemies every 12 seconds which draws aggro away from your more durable pet. Even if you were playing a build that required 25 point into master you wouldn’t gain much by spending a 26th point on dominance. If dominated enemies were treated as a second pet it would at least make sense how they contribute to the tree, but right now there’s no reason to have a dominated enemy beyond the novelty of having a dominated enemy and that isn’t worth investing so many points in the tree.


I have to say I’m disappointed with the hotfix with dominance today I really hope GB knows how bad this capstone is.


Completely agree man. I jumped from my seat when I read “Dominance” and then… I read the rest of the sentence.

Like, come on Gearbox, just look at this thread. So many awesome ideas and they rework just one part of an already useless skill. Sorry if this sounds mean.


Playing a Flak Pet Build in DLC3 to level before DLC4 hits and yea I can see why a lot of people hate this capstone. I have a lot of my points into the blue tree and yet I still do not pick Dominance because it is so useless. As somebody else pointed out it goes against his whole “Pet Master” theme it doesn’t make sense. I’m supposed to run up myself and hit somebody with my fist? Where does my pet get involved in all this? I think there are a few ideas to work with but Gearbox has written themselves into a corner in regards to what they can do to change this capstone because the most obvious answer would be a Taunt but that is already in a COM. The next obvious answer would be a bigger, stronger pet but that is already what Gamma Burst does unless we want to go Frieza “Final Form” shenanigans.

My random ideas
-Just change dominate into ranged. We can already use Grenades to charm enemies and in DLC3 we have those plants so extending a drill or a whip or a rocket-punch doesn’t seem that far off. Doesn’t change the fact the skill itself still sucks but at least it is a tad more viable. I can watch my pet raid a bandit camp and then stand back and snipe and charm from far away. Flak isn’t even a melee VH so I have no clue why they wanted us to H2H in the first place.
-Permanent Beast Pet (until it dies obviously). Let us Dominate beasts and robots. No humans or aliens. No 15-20 second mumbo jumbo. Just a pet that can follow us throughout the whole map and kill with us. It can despawn when we go down or fast travel.
-Exploding Nova Kamikaze: Flak dominates something and it runs into enemies and bursts into a radiation explosive Nova. Gamma Burst is radiation so I’m sticking with that idea. This Capstone has your “dominated pet” run head first into enemies because you are the Master and they obey your command 100%. Then they explode into a Radiation Nova and within a certain radius all enemies within said radius are automatically radiated. (If the radiation feels a bit redundant then have the fallout from the Radiation Nova be the effect from the Piss Grenade in that anybody within the blast radius takes extra damage)
(Stealing these next two from Zane a bit)
-Same Gear: You Dominate your pet into wearing items! Gearbox can decide which item or maybe each pet gets a different item. I can see Shield having uses then Nova Shields will be popular. For example the Skag pet can copy your shield. I can see Nova shields being popular as he fights enemies and explodes in their faces! The Jabber can copy your currently equipped gun. Imagine a Jabber with a Flipper! The Spiderant can release your currently equipped Grenade Mod when it comes out from his burrow attacks.
-Master Beastmaster: When you activate your action skill all of your pet bonuses and powers and hunter skills all activate like Zane.
(Stolen from Gaige)
-Elemental Dominance: Shoot your pet with a specific element and have that pet become that element! Shock Skag. Fire skag. Radiation skag. For example, the Scorcher already does Fire damage so you shoot it with a Shock weapon. Then this pet has dual elements! I feel dual elements doesn’t hurt the gameplay due to us having guns that can shoot multiple elements at once AND players like Amara can use all the elements at once with good annoint rolls. (To keep the pet from constantly changing elements within battle, since we shoot everywhere, we keep the Dominance punch. You have to punch your pet and the pet will get the element of your currently equipped gun. No element gun means pet turns back to their original state. I think this works because who the hell plays a melee Flak and even if they do who the HELL punches their pet?)

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In light of recent changes i think dominance is here to stay.


Just let me activate all my pets with gamma burst. Zane’s shield capstone effects his action skill, let Fl4k do the same.


Unfortunately I’m afraid you’re right

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  1. melee the mind control enemy again to cancel dominance immediately

  2. fl4k gets a buff depending on the thing he mind controls
    ex: mind control robot —> crit damage, accuracy
    mind control human —> gum damage, fire rate
    mind control beast—> pet damage, action skill damage

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I like this. Can stack as you’re able to Dominate multiple enemies (mostly your pet with a Tr4iner on deck randomly adding them for you).


Couldn’t they just double the health loss and let the dominated enemy profit from mayhem scaling to do like 50 times the damage? That would at least make it a fun skill that does a little bit and kills beasts every time.


Reworked into:
P4CK Alpha
Using Attack Command summons your remaining 3 Pets to fight alongside Fl4k for a short duration. Immediately using their Command skill aswell.

Duration: ~15 seconds.
CD: ~30 seconds

you know, like this:


This sounds good. Not so different gearbox will refuse, but different enough to make it engaging.
Make the skill a melee override (like Bl2). You push melee and it charges your next shot, granting it the dominance effect, so whoever you next shoot becomes dominated. Give it a cooldown and/or reset it when that enemy dies or the effect ends. Great.

So i just saw a clip with Fl4k doing the takedown using the new COM and a lightspeed grenade. Basically is was spawning multiple grenades and killing everything. But that got me thinking. If dominance was a slightly better skill, even having the melee would still be cool if your throwing out the fish slap every action skill use and dominating a group.

Skill would need to be a little better, but would certainly be an interesting use.

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