The double thrall bombs

Nevermind my fury that my only death in this game was this video, these bombs are ridiculous. This should have been a chance for us to take down the sentry with their healer dead. instead we lose 2 people in a matter of 1 second, they get a power play, and down goes our sentry. How is this even a thing? 2500 burst damage, that is splash damage, and that’s only from ONE of the 2 thrall. Yes, they needed to be made stronger so that they weren’t so easy to take. But this is just stupid. in the past they were used as a way to swing a game and get a strong push at the sentry. Now I don’t know if I can rationalize taking the risk of getting 1 shotted by them if I’m not constantly ready to run from the bomb and leaving my team down a man from an AI.



it was bad enough in PVE. it came back to haunt me in PVP. but wtf was that!?

point a: as ghalt you’re a easy target for the nades.
point b: you got to close to whiskey, there’s enough space around the to avoid this.

not offending in any way, this happens to me too, even though I know that they likely shoot one of them when they die…

are the thralls, like the minions, buffed every 2 mins?

You’re not allowed to complain about this because it’s there “for difficulty” because the thralls are “so important” and they used to be “too easy” to cap.

Eh… I rly don’t mind it. Of all the times I’ve capped them or killed them on defense, solo or otherwise, I’ve only been 1-shot once and I deserved it. It was only annoying at first because it was new and different. It’s not like it only happens to one team and not the other and I certainly don’t think it makes them any harder to cap.


Exactly. Once you know that attack is there it’s easy to dodge and the Thralls are just as easy to cap as they always were. Which makes this attack bad, it doesn’t actually make it difficult, it’s just an artificial way to add “difficulty”.

I don’t think it’s that artificial now that they don’t spam it. It’s still threatening and able to deal medium damage with a partial hit. I think the change was appropriate.

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…Yup, it’s getting worse too, even bomb runners throw bombs.
The Snipers in the Toby dlc are throwing bombs, at Kelvin, poor guy. Snipers tossing bombs, gez.

Man that just makes me miss taking doubles at lvl 3 with Ghalt.

I really wish they would get rid of this garbage. Taking 1500 damage from a f****** ai makes no sense whatsoever

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What does that even mean?

Usually it goes over no issues. It’s that 1 time like this where it bends your team over that is absolutely deflating. You think an ai should have an attack stronger than any Ult in the game?


In this given example, yes whiskey and I were too close to eachother. Stupidity on my part. But the time between him opening up to fire it. And it actually hitting, is less than a second. How is ghalt, or whiskey, or really any character not named Benedict mellka or orendi going to dodge that? If your argument is don’t get that close, you are crippling an already weaker group as far as overgrowth goes by not allowing melee characters to take the double thralls.


It means the risk for obtaining them had to be increased to reflect the reward. They’re a lot more useful now, they should take at least a medium amount of effort to obtain.

You died in that video because you got sloppy. It happens. The result was the same as if you’d overreached into the Sentry.

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The sentry doesn’t do 2500 to 2 people in 1 second, so, no.

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I didn’t say it did. Overreaching implies you untimely jumped too far ahead into a situation without proper support. The most common place this occurs in Battleborn is in the Sentry zone.

Hence the comparison. Not damage wise. Just the effect of you dying.

The result was me getting one shot. I’ve “jumped too far ahead into a situation without proper support” many times and escaped, even with ghalt, including at the sentry when I thought somebody else had its aggro, and escaped when it turns and starts melting me. Not a single time has it dropped me in less then a second when I have over 2500 health and shield combined at the start. Also, the sentry is the main objective, you’ve always known what you were gonna get if you try to solo the sentry. Just like if you try to take on 3 battleborn at once. We are talking about a side objective that isn’t even a sure thing. Most of the games I play, the thralls get dropped before they even round the corner to the sentry. Taking double thrall is 1/3rd of the battle, you then have to get in front of them and push the opponent back so that they don’t get killed. Your comparison is not even close to the same. Yeah I was foolish standing next to the guy who had the thrall’s attention, I don’t deny that, but that doesn’t make it balanced. If I’m gonna get destroyed because of a 1 second mental lapse, it better because of “yeah I can take that boldur 1v1” or something dumb like that. Not because I went to help a teammate clear double thrall quicker so we could take advantage of the man advantage we had and take out their sentry, and a computer dealt 2500 damage in 1 shot to drop 2 of us. The current status of the double thrall essentially makes it so the only truly safe people to take doubles are those that excel at long range, or people who can consecutively stunlock them. Anybody who has to close the gap is in danger of the 1 shot, and that’s balanced to you? You were in on the thread about the poor state of pvp and what’s pushing people away. You wanna talk about something that’s gonna drive new players away from the game, look no further. A lot of times if I got matched with low players in the past, they will take thralls repeatedly because they don’t offer as much in the lane. What are they supposed to do when that thrall starts dropping them in a second. You think they’re going to stick around?

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Adding in a 1-shot is never a “good” way to balance something, but its been Gearbox’s fix to increase difficulty since Borderlands. Increase to health, skyrocket damage. Now it’s a raid boss.

I’d hazard a guess Gearbox would have liked that area to become a secondary combat zone for both teams outside of the lane. Both teams fighting over the maps power units to pull off a heavy strategic push. That’s not how it generally works though. Instead what we have is just another reason mid map is so critical to hold, as 90% of characters who commit to going into the double thralls area can not escape except by going through the middle. So the team that holds the middle, has the advantage on Thralls/Shards and first hit on approaching waves. It’s extremely hard to get passed that once you’re pushed into the base.

So here’s Gearbox, wanting to increase the effectiveness of minions overall, but recognizing the fact that when they do, double thralls is going to be a game ender not a hazard. So they make it deadly instead of dangerous to try getting them. They make it so, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could lose all your momentum and your push if you screw up.

I’d rather have that than a never ending wave of easily obtainable Sentry eating charging Thralls.

You made it a point in your original post that it cost you the Sentry. You made a tactical error at a crucial point in the game and as Incursion now works, it cost you your Sentry. Same thing would have occurred if you’d pushed too far without support and gotten yourself killed at the enemies Sentry. It gave the other team an opportunity to push and they took advantage of it.


I guess we will have to agree to disagree.


I think the nade dmg for a full, direct hit should be capped at 1k but scale higher with splash damage and that the Sentries’ special attack should travel faster and deal, to players, the kinda dmg the nades deal now.