The Drop Nerf has sorta boned us

I’m gonna be honest, I kinda hope that even after we get dedicated loot pools, I hope the world loot system stays around too, that was one of the biggest things I loved in bl1, farming a boss in the hope he drops the gun I want, but being able to farm any boss, not having to just head to one boss the entire time


I totally agree with that, but, having played through completely on one character I have decided I am saving all side missions for my second playthough with my alts. There were too many pieces of gear I really wanted to play with, just as I had experienced in the previous games. I should have known better. I’m going to wait for those drops and the other side quest rewards this time.

Think they can see the extent that offline mode is being used, all they have to do is look at banks to to whats stored or look at the numberr of fast leveled mules at lvl 50 but havnt progressed past Sanctuary? They can also see just how much gear has been dupped given the weapon ID 's will be the same rather than unique items.

Oh man it warms my heart to see people actually liking loot in looter games.

The launch drop rates had me wanting to play the game more, not less. It’s not addicting killing a boss or running through a camp of badasses to see a pile of green with one blue sticking out of it on TVHM M3.

I miss those launch drop rates so much, when they inevitably patch offline it will be a sad day indeed.


when did they nerf drop rates? havent noticed any difference tbh nor recall seeing it mentioned in any patch notes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, here’s one -

And here’s another -

And I don’t think that completely includes all current “adjustments” to loot.


So yeah, this is a new and interesting topic.

Honestly, what killed playing the game in its intended patched version for me and my friends was when we’d farm a boss, like Graveward on M3 TVHM, and we’d get zero legendary drops. That happened all too frequently, and not just on Graveward. Then came the latest hotfix that nerfed all the guns and grenades we had spent the last month farming for. That’s when we collectively decided to play in pre-patch mode, and miraculously, the game was fun again.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Gearbox realizes that they’ve only succeeded in making the game less fun to play with all these nerfs to loot drop rates and guns, regardless of how much “balance” they may have achieved.


On a positive online note I absolutely adore the mail system, and I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with people on my friends list I’m not playing with by seeing their exploits (as in achievements not cheats) show up in the social feed.

But between annointed drops, the 150++ legendaries, class mods, relics, and good rolls for all of them right now it feels more like an Anthem situation with loot rather than a current diablo 3 situation; D3 has a smart and fun way to have high drop rates and still feel rewarding. All of this stuff and the different rolls they can come with calls for high Legendary drop rates on TVHM M3. The only way I really get that is by doing slaughter shaft and it’s mostly krakatoas and malak’s banes.

Not even going to get into the nerfs, I find it funny when people are like “oh yeah that piece of gear had to be nerfed” in a non competitive co op game with no leaderboards. I agree the Hex grenade clutter was distracting, but the rest of the grenades are so weak in comparison a buff to them was a good solution IMO not what we have now. Besides, the hex still melts so it was just really a nerf to our fun rather than balancing the overall grenade landscape.

I mean there’s trading, and the drop rates are still leagues better than Anthem and Destiny IMO, but there is a LOT to consider when a legendary item drops. If you look at a legendary drop and think to yourself it’s not special or you wish less dropped, I am truly jealous of you, to have a mindset where being rewarded less feels good, it’s an amazing time in the game industry to feel that way.

No ill will or hostility to people who don’t agree with me or feel that way, I don’t understand you but that doesn’t mean I think negative of you. Just different opinions.


I was more excited by the mail system until the first time I had a 49 minute cooldown because apparently I’d mailed too much stuff. I do love to share the loot I find! It’s not the only time I’ve had to wait near an hour to send more stuff, and it likely won’t be the last. Everything from “spare” legendaries to items just to vendor worth nearly 100K ea, just to help other players get all their SDU upgrades. I still use one of the very first pieces of gear someone on my friends list ever mailed me. Mail, even if it gets cranky, has been a wonderful edition to the game.

Never, in all the decades I have played video games, have I ever seen a rare drop and said to my self, “This sort of thing needs to stop…” I’m always grateful for anything that makes my game more enjoyable. And being an inveterate loot-whore, I always love the loot. :wink:


Out of curiosity, are you playing Mayhem Mode or normal mode? I’m still playing the normal campaign, around level 30, and I hardly ever see legendaries. 99% of what I see is green and white, a blue now and then, and a far once in a while a purple. I’ve seen only a few legendaries.

Hardly “raining”. When I first started playing, I felt I was getting good guns, but recently, most of what I see is only good for selling.


I’m on TVHM M3 for my Amara and NVHM M3 for my recent Moze. Other two are still leveling.

Ah, I see. That would explain it. I’ve heard that in Mayhem modes, the loot drops are really high. Maybe they should nerf Mayhem loot and buff NVHM regular nerfs just a tad?

Some of us bought the game to have fun, not a second job. If I have to “trade” or put any effort outside playing the game itself, I will move on.


I played for nearly 12-14 hours yesterday. One legendary. 12-14 hours, one legendary. And it was 4 levels too low.

But again, it’s not about lengendaries, especially non-anointed legendaries that don’t have any synergistic stats beneficial to your build. I saw maybe 24 epics during those hours (I’m being generous, I’m pretty sure it was less than that), less half of those were serviceable, and I saw maybe twice that number of rare items, which ended up being what I was pretty well forced to run even when it got outleveld.

i think my biggest complaint is that the game is so screwed right now, i had no trouble on amara on troy being online, but could not beat troy online for the life of me. went offline and troy became a freaking cake walk. like seriously man what the heck is up with this game.

Yeah, I just posted about this. I tried Troy 3-4 times and he walked all over me. One shot and my shield was gone and my pet was dying. Second shot put me in ffyl.

Went back later and pet didn’t die once the whole fight, and while he took my shield down a couple times, he barely touched my health. There’s something buggy with Troy.


It’s not just Troy, I’ve had that happen in almost any area. I think a large part of it are MM modifiers. But I’m not sure that’s all of it.

I’m not seeing this happening in my games, I just really try to configure my loadout to the mayhem mods and go to town. you really have to pay attention because there is a modifier where enemies damage output is increased 45%, and it’s normally listed at the very bottom of the modifier list.

Im happy there setting more dedicated loot pools.I didnt find it fun looking for x gun with every other gun being a world drop as well.
Nothing wrong with world drops .I just perfer knowing where i can get what and working for it.Makes getting it all that more rewarding to me.

I just hope that in some of the dlc there are some rare guns that are not just handed out like candy like all most all others are lol.
With how many legendary’s drop its just dont feel as rewarding as it did in bl2 to me.
Id love to see some guns that are crazy strong but super crazy 1 in 1mill rare
But thats just me.

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