The droprates for the DLC COMs seem a bit.... off

So, I won’t go into any spoilers with this because the DLC came just out and most people probably haven’t played through the story, but… I couldn’t help but notice that Zane’s new “Seein’ Dead” Class Mod seems to drop an awful lot. Alltogether I’ve so far gotten 7 of them (so far I only played through the story and didn’t do any side quests), notably 4 of them at the same time from the second to last boss in the game (I’m not kidding you. 5 legendary drops and 4 of them were just different variations of “Seein’ Dead”. And no, before you ask, I haven’t kept any and am not looking to trade. But it kinda seems like they aren’t particularily hard to come by, anyways).
Now, I’m not one to complain about getting too much stuff, normally, but four of the same COM from the same boss seems excessive (Mayhem 1 btw. I was originally gonna play through the DLC but got annoyed by the modifiers repeatedly screwing me over). I’m not sure if that boss is a dedicated drop location for this particular COM or if the fact I was playing as Zane simply meant that the drop chances for Zane mods were increased.

I’m almost certain whatever character you’re playing as increases coms for that character. I run 3 characters and their own coms are always most prevalent. That said 4 out of 5 being the com is funky RNG LOL.

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I am still at work and the some are already calling for drop nerfs. Have you not seen all the threads on how hard its been to get the last set of class mods? That not enough misery for you so you had to stop playing and come here to complain?


The last set of COMs was so obnoxiously hard to get because

  1. it was exclusive to Mayhem 4 difficulty
  2. none of them could world drop

And bloody hell, I’m calling for the rates to be reduced slightly so something else can drop instead. More than half of my drops in the DLC were this one COM.

it would be preferable to not talk too much about drops being excessive if it’s a good thing. especially given that not everyone with the dlc has had a chance to play it yet, given some of us have day jobs, and or school. i don’t want to see these kinds of things nerfed same day before getting a chance to even see it for myself.


I played my first run on mayhem 2. Got 5 of Moze mods in 1 drop. And then 9 legendaries fell on my later boss. Not complaining but damn. And most have anoint

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Yea I got the new Moze one was 6 times when I played thru the DLC lmao

I think that is fricking awesome. You know how many coms you can find and not get all the modifiers you want?

When there is a ton of RNG at play, getting more of the same is seriously beneficial.


So COMs are class mods? If so, I have found a single Fl4k (which I’m playing) COM. And maybe two new weapons. And a LOB, because it wouldn’t be a session without one dropping for me. When I see that thing drop, I always wish it were a green. Because I know I can’t leave it, it’ll haunt me until I pick it up and drop/sell it.

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Don’t forget about the Asmd and the damn woodcocker


I have found the ASMD useful for flushing out mobs behind cover, at range. The wood, hehe, woodblocker IS terrible.

I also need to revise my statement. I found 3 or 4 of the flak mods so far. I might have sold one by accident.

I just ran the DLC from start to finish along with sidequests and crew challenges without mayhem on simply to explore and mess around with quest rewards. I think I had a total of 15 of the new legendary gunner com drop while playing Moze and 2 for Amara.


Thanks, now gearbox will go nerf the drop rates and other players may never get one.

I’ve played the dlc a good 4 hours yesterday and didn’t see 1 Zane class mod.


I am actually loving the drop rates, and everyone I have talked to in game does too. Great, you got lots of COMs. Do they have the right rolls for your build? Just because it’s the right KIND of COM doesn’t mean it has the right skills and stat modifiers for your build, and likely won’t be for a build you want to try unless you are basing it around the COM.

Can’t we just enjoy a fun DLC that isn’t a total grind/farm fest?!? I have seen multiple posts calling for things to get nerfed. It hasn’t been out for 24 hours in the states. What the hell is wrong with you people?


Yeah, the drop rates are great for these… can actually farm up some good ones. Please don’t complain about it too much because they need very little excuse to start a nerf-fest.


i like it, but i got the seein dead com atleast 15 times. its kind of annoying

Here is the only legendary I have got from the DLC so far…

So yes the drop rates for the guns I want are still off…

Not even looking for a COM…

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why does so many view these kinds of games like their f*cking day job?

i’ve had 13 green monster coms dropped and i still think it’s absolutely awsome and i wish class mods were dropping like this on other planets too. i really like how the DLC items take priority in the loot pools in this area, even the world drops and i wish they made this a thing across the whole game. jakobs on eden-6, CoV on pandora etc etc.

people will complain about OP weapons and generous drop rates until they nerf the sh!t out of it and then we will go back to make daily threads on how the loot rates and systems sucks skag. it’s BL3 release week all over again.

i’ve already seen people start complain about how certain weapons is powerful, then procceed to make a build and loadout entierly around said weapon… hypocritical behaivour and it just ruins it for everyone else.

just appriciate the bloody game and stop being so hellbent on making the game a part time job. it’s a game that is meant to be fun.


drop rate is pretty good and that how it should be


it is funny to watch m4 and base game players talk about same stuff as if it is comparable

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