The Duck or The Duke?

How do you say it?

Like the French duc. It’s almost ‘dook’


Duke for me.

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I have always said duck. Maybe this illustrates my ignorance :thinking:


…oh that makes way more sense…

The Duke… I always assumed it was a sort of John Wayne reference.

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“Duck, I says.”

It is a companion gun to the Unforgiven, and referencing Gene Hackman’s character dissing Richard Harris’s character, the self-ascribed Duke of Death.

So it is meant to be both.



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This has been addressed by the dev’s before. I remember hearing it from the dev’s themselves but I couldn’t find the original.

The following is a comment made by K6 on one of his youtube videos.

EDIT: I was told the real story behind the name… it’s actually pronounced The DUKE…
“it’s named for our lead concept artist “Kevin Duc” (pronounced “duke”) who has been the genius behind Borderlands visual gun design since BL2. The tagline on the gun is something he says all the time. So, it’s an internal reference and not the darker story”


Good find!

This thread reminds me of a certain cartoon staple: “Duck season!” “Duke season!”…



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Dook. It’s a reference to one of the devs.

When i saw this topic this what i thought of in my head very good movie.

“Duck, I says.”


Edit: Damnit, I really should read the comments before posting.

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