The Earworm? Limited time event item

Had to look up what this item was because I haven’t heard of it before and long behold it was some dumb Limited time item that was a random drop from Graveward


I love how they can add stuff like this but refuse to buff Quest Items after all this time


Not sure if GBX is joking with this event or not?

Skins and a useless weapon?

Bekah available for a limited time? What about ember’s purge and Scoville?

And wow… A mid week event most people can’t play because there’s something called, you know… LIFE?

This really has to be a new low even for GBX :worried:

Insert “when life gives you lemons” part by Cave Johnson (portal 2) :joy:


2 day event because they know this event ruins the balance of the game :joy:. Watch I bet there will be 100+ loot midgets running around all areas.

GB only works around 2 days a week so they figure that’s enough time for us as to enjoy the event

Definitely Not a joke cuz they think people will eat this stuff up and instantly go pre-order Wonderlands.


like i said, half the people won’t even play because it’s the middle of the week :rofl:


I will be playing for a bit just to test it out because I have no life.

Lets hope the Earworm gets buffed to Crit levels so we hav a new toy to play with!

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It’s a video game. If you don’t have the time, don’t play it.

Gearbox can’t cater their events around when people might be busy. They advertised the date in advance so people who wanted to, could be around.

I have two young kids and I work 45 hours a week. This isn’t a brag. It’s just so you know I can relate to “LIFE”.

It’s two years from release. Two years. At this point I’m just really, really tired of the seemingly endless entitlement.


Was about to say the same thing. People need to chill, Earworm is most likely just a meme item, and Bekah is a pain to get outside of this, but you still can. There is nothing mandatory. Just something fun for the two years event.

I wasnt expecting to see people getting mad over this.


You made no argument you just pretty much attacked Garfield opinion because you think it’s fine for GB to do whatever they please

How about no! How about holding people to standards because you have faith they can do better then they are.

Just like the events in the past if people didn’t complain about laziness they prob would have sold them as DLC and y’all would have been fine with that.


what kind of remark is that… if you have to work you don’t get to play games?

why not do it like every other event? close to the weekend? this isn’t entitlement…


With regards to this 2 day event, what are “Loot variant enemies” ? Bosses like Graveward, or something else…?

Loot tinks, loot jabbers. I’d suggest doing the Eden-6esque eridian trial (dont remember the name, but its the once with the big dino at the end), loot jabbers spawn a lot in rooms. Used to farm a Rynah there

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loot tinks, the bots with the glowing lamp on their head (not sure what they’re called) chubby skags and the like.

good place to find loot tinks is in the anvil

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totally right. Not like they could make it last a week or two so people have a chance to play it. Not like they could wait a few days and hold it on the weekend when people aren’t at work in the middle of the week. That would be silly. People who think they should do that are just entitled little nitwits. Fools, the lot of them for having perfectly reasonable demands.

What’s next? Those type of people will start thinking they should have job unions and living wages! Bah! They’ll think game companies should make video games accessible to people who want to play them. Ridiculous! Have a video game company make video games that aren’t chock full of bugs, glitches, and broken items/skills? Asinine! They should be thankful they get any video games at all, damn entitled little punks!


And I’m tired of the bugs! And the balance!

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I am now just tired - I have had a good run with this game and had a lot of fun but now it’s time to move on , it’s clear that the promises of new content are rather hollow


Where do I even read about this event? Cause it sure ain’t on the news section of the official forum!

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You can read about it here.

For real, people may stop feeling “entitled” if Gearbox would finally start seriously patching things instead of adding bugs 24/7. It would also help if they would stop making such a big deal of their surprises…

Also anyone wanna mention how there yet again is no announcement on the official forums. Let‘s just wait for thursday, where they will probably talk about it… after it is already over :laughing:

On another note has anyone seen a Bekah? Have probably killed around 50 Loot Jabbers, including their barrel, on M11 without seeing a single one despite being showered in legendaries.


the timing does suck. I’m swamped at work today and tomorrow and may get a an hour or two late in the evening to play, but that’s it. Not that the Earworm is any good, but I’d love a level 72 version just for my collection (as I try to get max level of every red text item). I’ve got a level 31 version which was what I was at when the weapon first dropped in 2019).’

BTW, when they say dropped by loot enemies, I assume that’s things like thieving jabbers or tinks and not loot ghosts from the halloween event. If so then you really need to farm either the ambermire or the proving ground that has a lot of jabbers to try and get one–regular tinks are too random to find.

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I had one drop off a loot tink in the Anvil. That was after killing close to 40 of them, but they were spawning pretty consistently at the start of the map.

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