The Earworm? Limited time event item

Just a heads up so people don’t waste time looking for this gun. Gearbox was too lazy to buff to a reasonable damage. Who would have ever guessed


deadliest summer flop more like


If you work, you get to play less games. That’s an absolute fact. What’s wrong with that? If you want the shiny time limited thing, us adults with responsibilities and the like are inherently at a disadvantage. Remember the BL2 Loot Hunt thingy? The official one? That rotated daily!

I’ll give you a tip why Borderlands franchise players had less of a problem with that back then even though post-buff half the Legendaries still weren’t worth using. It’s because it was six years ago. We were all six years younger.

I work. I don’t play the game as much as I’d like. I’m barely going to get an evening to play this mini-event. I’ll have no time at all, if my son picks up the virus my daughter currently has.

You’re the one who called it “a new low even for Gearbox”. But you’re upset you’re missing out on it? Why? You made a whole post complaining about every single part of it!

But I get it. You’re complaining about the one specific thing that interests you personally. The Bekah. Am I right? Maybe the increased Loot enemies as well. I know how much you like world drops :stuck_out_tongue:

So you trash the event. You trash Gearbox (who I’m sure can look after themselves; I’m just focusing on your attitude here). But then demanding the one single thing in the whole event you actually want to be available for longer isn’t entitlement?

So I’m wrong for disagreeing with someone (“attacking their opinion”), but you can post this assumption about me and others and that’s fine. Sure, that seems consistent.

I often say the bugs need fixing, so I’m in agreement with you there :slight_smile:

The anniversary event ends on the 16th, this little bonus is at the end of the anniversary event. That’s why we’re having it now.

“perfectly reasonable” necessitates being reasonable. Seeing arguments and acknowledging them. Not throwing out paragraphs of sarcasm :wink:


^^^^ This though.


Are you ok?

But they can do better at doing an event “Properly”. No one is asking for them to bend over backwards on it. The timing could have been done differently during the weekend or something so all could have a chance to get in on the stuff instead of a few.

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I’d just say that if you are providing your customers a limited time event the wise business decision is to schedule that event when the largest number of customers can take part. There’s a reason why TV shows don’t schedule new episodes on Christmas–nobody’s watching. Now if their stats say more people play on Monday or Tuesday than any other days of the week, then it makes sense. But if Friday-Sunday is when the majority play the most, it would seem to be poor marketing.

That being said, it’s a gun that you can still get post event and a gun no one will actually use, so it’s not really a big deal. I just wanted the level 72 Earworm b/c I’m a collectibles type of person and want one of every legendary/red text item (and I did manage to get one off a jabber in the Ambermire).

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The timing and duration seem really odd, I get wanting it to start on the anniversary and wanting it to be super limited but that really screws over anyone thats busy during the week days, they shouldve just announced it on the anniversary and then made it active for the weekend.
Also adding just two guns seems really lame, no vibra pulse, embers purge, scoville, not even a buff to the earworm to make it useable, seems like someone actually forgot about this and threw it together at the last min


Got mine. Not sure if it’s a god roll, but who cares in this case? It’s a collector’s item.

Still don’t agree with the timing or use as an anniversary reward.

Several Bekah I am starting to keep only most powerful, not a single earworm though… I know it’s a lame joke weapon but still would like to get one for lulz

Same here. Luck of the draw, perhaps. :man_shrugging:

Finally found one

Almost missed it, looks like a smg

If you plan to use it… well I hope you ( and yours neighbors) like METAL :metal:


SLAYER!!! Seriously though, it would be sick if it played a riff from Angel of Death or Raining Blood.

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Wait a sec - it’s a blue! I was checking only oranges…. :man_facepalming:


I will see your, :joy: and raise you a :rofl:.

The Cave Johnson short sales videos and the Claptrap web series are two of my all-time favorite animated shorts.

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