The easiest way to 'No Moxxi-Brawn Deputy' for the first time

Sometimes we get bored while we shoot and kill the enemy. Do you know why? It 's because there is no tension. We are sure we do not die. Gunzerker, he is immortal because of Moxxi’s magic.

But someone puts out her magic and tries to be a genuine pure warrior. To the world of full of excitement and bundles of Nacho cheese.

It is some romantic and challenging. But the romance is not easy to achieve, and it is easy to get frustrated. That’s why it is romance. I know it because I’ve experienced it.

I am familiar with Brawn builds. So I use a build that focuses on attack rather than defense. But if you are going to take your feet for the first time in the romance, the most nervous part is the problem of survival.

So I brought a build that makes Sal the most solid Brawn.

1.The first thing you need to prepare is around 3 million HP.

To do that, you’ll need an RR, Evo Shield, and Vitality Relic. I can not give you the exact data, but I think this Brawn Gunzerker can regain more than 10% health per second.Ten percent of the three million are three hundred thousand. This means that after 2 seconds, you will regain full HP with no equipment situation.

2. Install Beast class mode.

It gives you 324,409 bonus HP and +35% Reload speed. You know how important reload speed is. In Deputy build. and more HP? It is perfect.

But there can be other options. They are Monk and L Berserk.

With the Vitality Relic on, the 2nd solid class is Monk, with a boost of S-Tranno, same as Beast.

And about fire power, Monk offers powerful money shots, but is inferior to Beast in the rest. They are reloading speed and moving speed.

Each mode has its own way of boosting the fire power.It is a strong shot and a less strong but more frequent shot. If you dislike long reloading time, I would recommend Beast.

And if you have a Boost of Just Got Real by choosing a purple Beast, you can have a firepower with a potential of 40% by investing a single point to gain the effect of 5 levels of that skill. Isn’t it reasonable?

In terms of defense strength, these two have advantages and disadvantages compared to each other.

Beast ensures faster movement speeds due to Incite boost and more HP. It’s easy to see that more HP means stronger defenses. However, you may not be sure about the speed of movement. But, once you have spent enough time in the Pandora of No magical Moxxi, you will notice that the speed of movement is a synonym of attack and defense.

Monk, on the other hand, is inferior, but is has boost of Asbestos to provide protection against DOT. If you go to such a dangerous place in such a way, you should prepare a purple Monk. In this situation, Beast and Berserk are not considered.

Now let’s consider Berserk. This is inferior to the other two. Compared to the two mentioned above, this class mode is definitely weak. It provides more HP and recovery with Hard To Kill, but It has no S-Tranno boost. This is critical weakness.

In terms of fire power, it has the advantage of Crit and a larger magazine. But, compared to the other two modes, it can not be matched with the reload speed and the powerful money shot.

The only strength is that it provides 20% faster movement speed. There is a potentially tremendous speed advantage over Monk, which does not provide Incite boosts, but in my experience, I think a 50% boost that can be achieved by Bus That Can not slow down is enough.(But if you want really crazy speed, you should select Berserk)

My conclusion / recommendation for class mode is as follows. It is better to choose Beast for normal battlefield and purple Monk for special battlefield.(This is easiest and most appropriate if you are new to this build.)

About speed of movement:This can vary from player to player. My experience began to see improvements in combat power from an increase of 20%. The increase of up to 50% could feel the improvement greatly. Since then, the sense of experience is less. More than 70% of the improvements sometimes interfere with the battle. But the increase is still good. I can not assure you that the speed beyond that has not been seriously experienced. However, I think a figure between 50% and 70% is prime. (This is the case of Salvador while Gunzerking.)
However, if you think about survival without considering the attack side at all, the higher the speed, the better. Exaggeratingly, as the speed of light increases, his viability will continue to rise as it increases.

3. Complete the Brawn tree with the correct goal consciousness.


“Hard To Kiil”, “Ain’t Got Time To Bleed”, “Sexual Trannosaurus” must be filled with more than 5 clicks. And “I’m The Jurggenaut”…:grin: You may think this skill is not good. You may right. But you have to recall this fact. You are out of Moxxi’s magic. Is not it scary?

O.K. This is most solid Brawn. And if you add “Fistful of Hurt”, It becomes the ‘Tank’ build.( It 's just that I speak alone. Never mind.)

4. With other gears for Deputy build, Now you are prepared.

Run to the battlefield where the bullets are flying from the guns of evils without the blessings of immortality…:pensive:
I hope you survive well and make it justice.


I added the contents of this post. And if you have any questions, always ask anything.


Personally, I would remove a point from anywhere in brawn to get Down not out.

Other than that, this is really solid :blush:
I approve!


You pointed correct one. The image was for me just not consider the situation. Yes. the skill is an essential element.


A lot of people fail to see that.
This is one of the most underrated advantages of a brawn base for a deputy build.


You keep telling the truth. There is nothing to do except I agree.


@Jefe, @Kurtdawg13, @VaultHunter101, @SomeRandomGuy11 you guys should come and see this. And tag along anyone who you know might be interested :slight_smile:


Very solid build. You can’t argue with results. I approve and may give it a shot if I run across a good purple beast com. I was paying close attetion to the reload speed of your offhand. i wondered if the beast com reload buff would apply to sals offhand, as some don’t. nice run through lynchwood. :acmaffirmative:


Thanks. Beast com ensures wide choice of relics, not only D Badge.


i have dabbled in the Brawn tree. Here is what I did a while ago…


You know about some style. choice on HURT uppercut make me think so. And actually it helps. But if I had grog ROM combo like you explained, would go with the killskill of Gunlust tree. And the icon of two pistol skill.
But It is true that abandoning middle finger is not easy to commit.


Oh I’ve been watching everything @kbk160008 has been doing closely since joining here :smiley:


Been watching. If I ever take my second Sal up to level 72, I might go this route - he’s already a solid Brawn build.


Likewise :+1:

Since @Jefe … inspired me? … (perhaps lured or tricked me are better words) into playing Sal again for the first time in ages I set about doing so not with the intent of TT runs (Pimp Sal) as i had last time but just for fun, though i’ll admit i didn’t know what direction to take him and he sits dormant at lvl 47 (I will get back to the game soon :expressionless:) still having not spent any skill points and never killed an enemy while GZing which has been fun and at times and a little challenging, I feel UVHM and end game will be where “the build” will become the focus.

I was going to do the stock Deputy Sal build we, and i suspect almost everyone knows, but @kbk160008’s aka “helpyou helpme” build(s) and showcasing through some excellent gameplay footage has me rethinking.

Great idea to compile everything here for now and the future, and keep up the great work @kbk160008 :+1:
I think getting praise from the likes of @DeputyChuck @Kurtdawg13 & @Jefe for some new thinking is recognition of that so well done.   Great to see especially at this late stage in this games life.

Will do :thinking:     Being a bit of a TT nut and, I think I have a pretty good eye for spotting talent the first time I see it … ( :point_up_2: Magic Slaughter Badass rnd 5) … does have me wondering what someone like @tdh199886 aka Waty with there immense talents with not only Sal but most toons would be able to do :thought_balloon:


However, I already have another post about his adventures in Pandora. (It’s different from the builds I’ve shown here.) And this is a little unrelated, but it’s a bit embarrassing because the nature of the posts here is very different from my own culture. In almost every case in my own, the post is just like the running water. It’s in front of me and disappears into a place I never knew.

Not bad.:slightly_smiling_face:


I rewrite the comments I added to the post to this comment.


This is something creepy.:shushing_face:


And I’ll tell you about the greatness of “Steady As she goes” in No Moxxi-Brawn Deputy. Perhaps this is a benefit you will not feel if you carry Grog like you did with the builds you introduced. But if instead of that weapon you have a fast-fire shot like slagga and you have a gun in your right hand that spits multiple bullets at once, and if the gun is hitting the enemy constantly, whether Rom is on fire or reloading, The accuracy of the aim point never drops.(It was Chaotic Monk case, I don’t sure with others…but it will)
In that sense, slagga is the best slagging weapon,(Of course it is the best slag weapon except that point. And the big magazine size keeps hitting the enemy and helping to keep the accuracy very good.) especially Bullet go fastfied one. The same goes for LadyFist. The slag probability is good for shooting two shots at a time, but it is better to shoot faster in the case of an aim point.


who needs moxxi? You can Add in recommended weapons and other gear in the OP.

I have seen how the build and it works. Good Job KBK


Good to see you in conversation.:grinning:
And thanks.