The easiest way to 'No Moxxi-Brawn Deputy' for the first time

First time i see it, I can’t believe it. asking you if it is the patch version, lol. :rofl::rofl:

Submit the build in the Sal Build collection.


I remember that. It was the first day I got to know about UCP. 2nd hearing from you.
And the video was Sal’s BA Round run. with DPUH…in some FFYL. Since then, I kept improved…
Especially after your “I wanna see some Peak run …” invitation.


Resulting to TT placings. :+1::+1:

Some of us don’t like magic slaughter and consider it hard so I am quite surprise that you find digistruck peak harder since you make the magic slaughter looks so easy.


That was the reason I lacked my experience. At that time I believed that the No Moxxi build was not possible where a lot of bullets were fired. (All of the attacks in TinyTna’s DLC can be avoided, but bullets are not.) I do not think it should be easy to say that it is also a limit. I learned from it.


I changed my build just because of you. I don’t have the right coms just yet, but that will subdue in time. You are an inspiration. :wink:


I feel a little strange when you say you got inspiration from me. :warning:
Right! You were community cheerleader.


The RR is better than the Evo when it is constantly attacked and the shield does not have time to recharge. A 20% reduction in damage can be felt with high sensitivity when combined with the killskill “I’m The Jeggernaut”.

You can see that the Nomad Head Crusher’s heavy shield attacks leave 50% HP. I tried to exploit the damage reduction of Titan’s “I’m The Jeggernaut” and came to the conclusion that Beast with RR is better.

Sweet spots of battle always exist. It changes every second or less. Fast movement, smart positioning, that’s all. Accurate shooting is the next topic.

The first marina of this Lighthouse seems to be a good place to practice wise positioning.

Long and tough combat in Sawtooth Cauldron.

This is very tough place. You can check every thing you got in your No Moxxi-Brawn Deputy build. If you can finish your run in Sawtooth Caudlon, You should be proud of your combat skill with Gunzerker.:+1:

I made this hurried run in 10 minutes to tell you 5/5 Money shot is powerful enough. (You know, many people think the speed of killing is important…)

5/5 MS can be felt weak. But it can kill Ultimate Badass Loader with a single shot. :scream:

PS: And now I like over 80% boosted movement speed with Deputy build.