The Economy Class UVHM Challenge

This is a challenge for everyone, and it doesn’t require you to use the best gear available. In fact, you should use gear that is considerably lower leveled than what you’d normally use. Economy gear! You’re required to do a full playthrough of the main story with a level 72 character of your choice. You’re free to do side missions if you want to. The player who finishes the playthrough with the lowest leveled gear wins bragging rights, cool points, and all that good stuff. :sunglasses:

The rules will be very simple. You may use any item available in the game, including all dlc material. EDIT: The Contraband Skyrocket is not allowed, due to the fact that it scales alongside your character. The highest leveled item that you use will be the decider. So, if you have three level 55 guns, and one level 60 gun, they will all count as level 60. If you decide to use even lower leveled gear once you’ve started the playthrough, you’ll have to start over again in order to be able to accoun t for the lower level of your gear.

At first, I was going to exclude certain items because they can make a character very OP even if they are low level, but then I thought… This is a challenge to finish the campaign at the lowest level. Who am I to nerf characters? Shamfleet as much as you want, if that’s what it takes to make you feel like a badass. :roll_eyes:

I’ve also decided to separate melee characters from the rest, since they can make due with gear of considerably lower level. Melee characters will only be compared to each other.

No glitches or exploits are allowed.
No cheating or modding
If you have doubts about what’s considered glitches or exploits, then it’s likely that it IS a glitch or an exploit.

That was a lot of Long-Winded-Old-Coot-Gibberish, so just get to it!

EDIT: Keep in mind that some items aren’t available until a certain level. Hide of Terra can’t drop below level 50, and the legendary COM’s and the pearlescents that came with the 2nd UVHM upgrade pack can’t drop below level 61 (or is it 62?). No modding!

Contraband Skyrocket is not allowed!


Might be an idea to outright ban the Skyrocket due to it’s scaling!


Good idea! Missed that one!


Am I the only one doing this? :rofl: Well… Always nice to rid yourself of pesky competition early on, eh!

I’m gonna go with Krieg on this one. I’ll start off with level 50 gear, and see how badly it goes. It’s not gonna be a melee build. It’s gonna be more of a use-whatever-you-can-to-get-the-job-done build. Some tweaking may be necessary. I don’t know how much the healing skills will actually do, since they’re based on status effects and overkill. I’m also scratching my head on whether to go with “Burn, baby burn” or “Fuel the fire”. Time will tell.

Main weapons and gear for this will be:
Rubi - for slagging and healing
Good Touch / Bad Touch / T-ball’s Fist - depending on enemy type
Unkempt Harold - It’s a Harold
Badaboom - More Boom

Hail - Boss Gun

Other gear:
FotFH - Nova healing
Sheriff’s Badge or Blood of the Ancients
Flesh Crunch and/or Blood Blister, and possibly a Power Toast
Fastball - No other option, really!

Here come the pain! :hugs:


You could, however, allow the X-Communicate mission item since it’s so useful useless…


How do we share, screenshot, video clips or a summary post will do? Still thinking about it.

Also can we di some skips like we do in “you will die” challenge?

We will see.

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There are a couple of items and skills that raise questions whether they should be in or out. I don’t think that the guns in question will break the challenge. On the skill side, there are a few skills that maybe should be disallowed. I’m talking about Cloud Kill, Raving Retribution, Unforeseen… Skills that scale with the character. But I think there should be some sort of honor surrounding this. If one sees that one of these skills is doing most of the killing, then it’s up to each and every one of us to not use it. I’d rather not enforce limitations on skills, since it will no doubt stir up a lot of questions about other skills. Also… If you stay away from side quests, there will be no temptation to use this Not-Quite-Fantastic gun.

Which ever you want! I have no means to capture my playthrough. My PC is just waaay to crappy for that, so I might get a few screenies, but most of it will be in text.

You can always avoid fighting the enemies, and simply dash through the area, but anything involving savequitting and stuff like that are total exploits in my book, and I’d prefer if you don’t do it. It’s not a race to finish at the lowst level, like in the previous challenge. Here, it’s a challenge to get the job done with as low level on gear as possible, which means that you should be able to deal with all battles without exploiting game mechanics. Running away, screaming at the top of your lungs, is simply survival instinct, and I intend to do exactly that. A lot of it! :laughing:

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I like the way you think!

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Unfortunately, visiting the various bandit camps with level 50 gear doesn’t give you much time to actually do anything. :rofl: Rubi and FotFH are the only things that have kept me alive so far. Even though i use an explosive Fastball, it still takes 2-3 hits to take out an unshielded and slagged bandit. This is insane! :rofl: No way, that I’ll be able to do this at level 50.

Captain Flynt is also a lot of fun. I’m gonna need a different approach to that fight. I had planned to try and Bloodsplode him, but… I was unfortunate enough to arrive there while there was a Scavengers convention going on. Unhittable backpeddalers all day long! :angry: I’m gonna have to upgrade my stuff to get past him. One hit from his crappy gun healthgated me every time, so I don’t even wanna think about how it will look in WEP.

Running away… Yeah! If only I manage to live long enough!:rofl:

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This is with a level 72 character on a UVHM reset, yes? So everything is around 72 and you’re trying to get through with low level gear, correct?

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That’s correct!

I had to get rid of Raving Retribution, coz it did all the killing when I encountered the first enemies.

If I’d gone melee, I’d have a much easier time, that’s for sure. In all the panic, I accidently activated my buzzaxe, and it did the job alright. And that was without a single melee buff.

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Hmmm…Raving Retribution ONLY run? (with exceptions for bosses mayhaps?)

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i am thinking of using cloud kill to help me on bosses.

Well… I’m also starting to think that the same thing goes for Bloodsplosion. I’ve been getting some crazy results from it, despite barely being able to kill the initial enemy. So, I speced Raving Retribution again. Sure, it’s done a lot of killing on regular mobs, but they aren’t the real problem, so I think it’s OK for us to have all those skills if we want.

I had to up my gear to 58 to be able to cope with the mini bosses. They are really tough! W4R-D3N almost made me rage quit! :laughing: I came in with 100 stacks, novas blazing, and I got his shield down, and I got his health down to 30%… And then everything went sour. EXP-Loaders convention, and more FFYL than I thought was possible. But I got him in the end.

EDIT: If we start excluding skills because they scale along with the character level, then we’d end up with Axton’s turret being excluded too. That’s not gonna happen, so all skills are allowed.

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I duplicated my character then reset playthrough and give my tvhm gear (level 50 and lower) to maya.

Build is still in process and i need to farm a better transformer and shock practicable slow hand.

Knucledragger went smooth, boom and bewm as well. i get down a few times in the bandit camp and i forgot to spec into immolate, then captain flynt seems to be a challenge. Seems he resist fire in his phase so i spec to melee and kill him with ease.

I am now in sanctuary.

Will share the boss kills in a while.

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I might have to bring the axe out too, it seems. But I wouldn’t have lasted long with level 50 gear anyway. I’m just not as skilled in tight situations.

But, I’ve made it back from WEP. I thought I was in for a really rough time both with Wilhelm and especially Bloodwing, but they turned out to be relatively easy. I got lucky on both with Bloodsplosions, and that helped a lot. Overlook was quite the challenge, but I survived that too. :smile: Thank goodness for rubi + FotFH! I wouldn’t have lasted long without them.

This is a lot of fun, but my stress levels shoot through the roof at times. And the constant sound of the Nova blasts, bloodsplosions and shooting in general has forced me to turn down the volume more than once. Still… I love it! :heart_eyes:


The road to the firehawk is brutal with lots of pyro enemies so i just run until i am in lilith’s lair. No difficulties in that area.

Then Proceeded to save roland, in the rampart section decided to try beehawk with my bad setup. Played defensively and the run went smooth as well.

Tina next

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Yep! That’s how it’s done! :smile:

I’m guessing that BeeHawking was the way to take on W4R-D3N? Not really an option for a semi-hellborn Krieg, unfortunately.

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Yeah, i am in overlook now and what i do is for fleshy enemies i do backdraft, for loaders i do beehawk and if i feel like it i go melee.

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