The effects/shaking player screen must be toned down asap

It started to be really hard to play specially on slaughter house solo, the zealots with cryo rocket launcher man is crazy you cant see anything on ur screen once they start to hit you with thos rockets, and the game effects in general that cover your screen a lot of screen shaking and effects in general they must toned down this effects are getting really annoying… at least they fixed the eridium bright chest effect when you open them… thats a start…

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There’s a setting to turn OFF the head wobble/camera shake in at least some versions, because I have that setting in the PC version. Go into your Settings Menu and go to the Visuals Menu. If your edition of the game lets you turn it off, it’ll be in that menu.

Hope that helps, Vault Hunter.

I am aware of camera headbob effect and it is on 0 ofc, what I described on this thread makes head bobbing a smooth effect compared to what we face in combat…

Yeah. As pretty as these new effects are, it’s not that fun to be spammed with cryo rockets while you character can barely move, and the screen filled with white splash and cannot see anything.

And while we’re at it, the damned optics on a lot of the guns have their opacity way up. I would be very much appreciated if GBX would turn down the glow maps a bit, make the gun sights more ‘see through’. It’s like looking through heavy tinted windows on some of these sights.


I had a scoped Vladof and the center was a big red star, not see-through, just a big red star that covered whatever I was aiming at lmao