The electric banjo from those psycho hillbillies

Just wondering if this item still exists, and is really one of those “increased chance” items from the psychobillies but still also a global drop. I have been farming them on mayhem mode 3 for some time now, but have not seen a banjo drop from anywhere yet.
Is anyone able to confirm that they have found one outside of mayhem 4? I hope it isn’t one of the M4 exclusive items, i much prefer M3 and am not particularly looking forward to farming the M4 exclusive drops for my stashed collection. I really like the modifiers that M3 has and when i tried M4 it just felt like it was missing what mayhem mode is all about, what makes it fun and what requires carrying and using a collection of many different weapons rather than just the same 4 all the time.

Anyway, i got a little sidetracked there. Who has found an electric banjo and in which mayhem level were you in? Also, do they roll with one of those second legendary properties? The ones displayed in white text rather than orange, like deathless or bonus xp.

I believe the banjo only drops from them. I’ve not seen one personally, but I’ve only killed them a handful of times. They are a zero target and are supposed to be part of the frenzy event. I’ll be after one of those myself next week.

Wait for the event tomorrow before you farm. I haven’t gotten it any Mayhem level because I’ve never tried farming it yet. But I will try tomorrow.

I got mine the last time they did a farming event. Wait till tomorrow and in a few runs you should have a few of them.

I’ve had 4 drop and only from the psychos. All on mayhem 4.

I always play on TVHM M4, but when “farming” (implying I can actually get the item, which is often not the case from dedicated sources in this games current build) I’ll drop it down to mayhem 1 to maintain anoint chances and limit the world drops diluting the dedicated drops chance.

I ran the psychobillies about 10 times and I got an electric banjo to drop on M1 which was great.

When I farmed them on M4 I kept getting random trash like Rippers and ASMD’s and I felt like that interfered with their dedicated drop pool.

This is all anecdotal and speculative of course, just wanted to share my experience farming them.

If you’re on PS4 I can hook you up with an electric banjo, psn: LloydMeshuggah.

  1. Can not drop as a world drop
    It drops only from the psychobillies

  2. Yes it can drop in any difficulty
    I had one during my playtrough (so no mayhem mod on)
    One on mayhem 1 pretty early on.
    And on mayhem 4 i had 4-6 in my last farming round i did for the electric banjo + band of sitorak (from a rarespawn enemy at pretty much the same place) in about 2 hours a week or two ago.

  3. No its a special artifact (or in this case normal would be more accurate i think, but since nearly all legendary artifacts are special ones, with prefix/suffix, i think this is now normal, and normal ones with only one effect are now special)
    I think we have 5 artifacts like this in bl3 (grave, unleash the dragon, tear of the phoenix and a purple one)
    They dont have a prefix/suffix like the other ones.

I hope ive answered all youre question
Feel free to ask if something I said was incomprehensible


I had one drop a couple of weeks ago, so still around

I just had one drop, TVHM M1 from hillbillies. No anointments, and I am not sure if there is an anointed one.

On M3 I’ve had two drops in about 6 to 7 hours of farming over the last 3 days. Second one was good. Damage and chance. First was chance and resistance.

Relics are never anointed


I had one drop from them on a normal playthrough (no mayhem mode) as well.

Ditto - first time I ever encountered them with any character. I’m still using that Banjo…

Took me about 10 hrs of farming. First play through of game, I got one and tossed it without really understanding it. What a mistake. I was punished by the RNG gods for that obviously.

But definitely today-30th will be the day to farm.

I must have been extremely lucky then as I got one about a week ago on only my 4th or 5th run at them. Was on MH3.

Took me about 15-20 runs to drop one in M4 pre event, this farm is very confortable however: guaranted spawn, very close to the savepoint and not many bs drops.

Took me a couple of days to get one (2-4hr sessions). I got it in M3.

Exclusive drop, not a world drop. I did 85 runs on M4 and never dropped. 85x4=340 chances.
Switched to M0 and got one on the 3rd run. 3x4=12 chances. Four runs later got another. 7x4=2/28 chances. Try M0

I get 1 every time I kill them. Regardless of mayhem or tvhm.

It’s the only thing I get consistently

Many thanks for all the responses. I shall have to google this frenzy event thing that was mentioned, i hadn’t heard of that before. I know the halloween event is over, i didn’t realize there might also be shorter events of some sort.
I shall also try turning down the mayhem level when i next run the phoenix, el dragon, and the billies etc. for their drops. Seems strange that some drops could be more likely at lower mayhem or loot bonus levels, but i have read other claims that mayhem 1 or 0 is the best way to go for some of them. I just wish i knew which items are more likely, or less likely, when the mayhem loot bonus is larger.