The Elephant in the Room - Should Boldur & Gali Be Nerfed?

I feel like after almost 400 hours of almost pure PVP with more than 3/4s of the Battleborn at at least level 8 if not Mastered that I’ve got a pretty good idea of when a character is a bit too powerful or match-breaking.

The two biggest ones, in my opinion, seem to be Boldur and Gali.

Boldur’s shield is quite literally insanity and when combined with all his other skills he is essentially unkillable in the hands of a skilled user, or even a less skilled user.

I’ve Mastered him and LOVE playing as him, but should he be taken down a few pegs?

Next on the list is Gali.

In my opinion, she’s nowhere near on the same level of insanity as Boldur, but she’s still pretty ridiculous in the hands of a skilled user.

She has slow, stun, silence, wound, ranged, pull, group and self healing, AOE damage, an escape, a 1000 damage shield…pretty monstrous!

And then they go nerfing one or two trick ponies like ISIC, Marquis, and Kelvin into oblivion…

So, what do you guys think?


Oh I’m always happy with something done to Galilea, I hate her so much. I hate her kit as a whole and when I was mastering her(since I’m trying to master everyone) I hated it since I just felt like a one man wrecking crew. She’s “territorial” but her effects only apply on desecrates casting and desecrate is practically pointless after that. The only way to play Galilea atm is as an assassin


Boldur just needs a nerf to axe mastery because that sh*t makes him god mode. You can stun two bb at once and kill them before they can react


I’ll be very sad if they nerf Boldur.

Yea, he is my main, but I honestly think he do his job well and balanced. He’s VERY hard to kill, I know, but that’s what a TANK suppose to be. Maybe they can balance him, making his later game not so strong and improving a bit his early game, I don’t know.

I really enjoy playing him the way he is BUT the changes linked up there are ok and acceptable, imho.


Boldur needs to be nerfed, period. Also the ulti change is good, the Axe toss is not, and the shield change isn’t really going to do a damn thing.

  1. Runic needed the time change because its potential was stupid. Only character in the game that could double ulti in really any team fight. Also curves his damage output.

  2. The axe toss change is bonkers, just bonkers. You could already avoid the toss slow if you wanted, and change out for the fist slow, or just take boots and do w/e. At level ten 1 axe toss is going to do 760 with runic up making one of the most damaging spells. It will hit around 520 without runic which is his old runic’s base at lvl 10. Without any skill damage if you choose to run.

  3. His shield regens faster than you could ever hope to kill him, so good luck with that.

As for Gali I don’t think they should do much besides nerf the height hit box on her pull. So you can’t just rip people off over head objects into near certain death. She’s like the last real aggressive melee that even functions in the roll.


*The Bear in the Room


I’ve had three matches this week in which Bolder single handedly killed BOTH sentries within 6-8 minutes. He was third level at the end of the game. I don’t think that it was the same person playing Bolder all three times, either.


If he single handedly did this at level 3 that’s just awful teamwork. Boldur can’t solo a sentry that early


He’s getting a nerf, so our opinions are irrelevant. But i think he needs one. At least his level ten. If he has a healer he’s almost unkillable… Which is why I’ve been trying to get him to 12 before Thursday :slight_smile:

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He solo’ed both sentries between Level 1 and 3?

Well, I can’t even imagine how to do that as Boldur or any character.


Is it THIS coming up Thursday that that LONG list of expected character changes are coming?

In three different matches! He would just run around the sentry hitting it, and put up that damn shield whenever one of us would shoot at him. It seemed impossible, but it happened.

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Bolder dies just fine if 2 people focus him down. I’ve killed him just fine as a battle helix kleese.


Luckily they’re doing essentially what he needed. Glad to see someone who agrees.

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Honestly I can’t see that happening.

Where was you and your 4 partners?
He solo’ed the sentries. What his 4 partners were doing?
He was capable of tanking you and other players doing damage to him AT THE SAME TIME he was tanking the sentry insane damage AND turrets and buildables?

What a good Boldur (with a goddamn strong shield).

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I was shooting at Bolder whenever he put his shield down, but as a level one Whiskey Foxtrot, it wasn’t doing much. One other teammate was trying to work on Bolder, too, but he would just maneuver around with that shield. I think that the other three teammates were trying to deal with the rest of Bolder’s team, but were getting slaughtered. The sentries never even shot at Bolder, as far as I saw. I was amazed that they seemed to refuse to defend themselves against him. There were no turrets, because we hadn’t even had the chance to gather enough shards yet.

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Hmmm, ok.

Boldur is my main, and I can’t see how it’s possible to handle against a sentry and two other Battleborn at the same time, even at Level 10. Maybe I’m just bad at this game.

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I’ve seen Gali do it as early as level 4, but as soon as my team and I noticed, we boxed her in and our sentry nuked her. Same can be done with Boulder, if he decides to rambo the sentry.

His level 10 helixes DO need nerfs, but that doesn’t mean the Boulder main on my friends list will like it much xD

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I’ll be sad if they nerf him, but you know, he’s my main and I want him to be awesome :smiley:

But I can accept nerfing his Level 10 helix without being mad with the game or developers if the community find it overpowered, for example.


The sentries wouldn’t attack him.

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