The Elephant in the Room - Should Boldur & Gali Be Nerfed?


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That’s not a Boulder problem, that’s an AI problem.


I wish I knew! They would shoot at his teammates who were up the stairs on Echelon, but they would not shoot at him when he was beating on them.

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It sounds like a bug or a AI problem. :slight_smile:

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Ugh more El dragon nerfs. Do they not like this guy? I get it he’s a menace when in the right hands but 95% of the time i see him being played people go 1-3 kills with him and anywhere from 15-20 deaths.


Lol I thought I’d never see the day nerf boldur threads would pop up. I repect your opinion OP and I agree that he is slightly over the top.

He was hardly picked on release and the first 3 months

When the game first came out all my friends laughed at me saying " boldur sucks, hes garbage" welp I showed them “AXE WINS AGAIN!”


Actually, I consider the whole episode to be another example of egregious matchmaking. Why were we, a team with 3 new players, matched up with 5 100’s with an invincible Bolder?

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Boldur is broken at the moment as he have the best survivability in the game, wouldn’t be a problem. But he deals as much damage than any other character (same dps than a Phoebe with rage and ult)

But what i would like to see is a tweak about handshield (for the 3 character with shield) right now there is no penality if you break your shield as it start reloading after 3sec for 3sec. It’s really too low, it should be something like 10-15 sec before charging but with a 10% movement speed bonus when the shield is broken

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I agree with that. The “physical shield regen” starts way to fast after it’s broken. The DPS is ok the way it is, in my opinion.

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Right? All these Boldur OP threads lately have me scratching my head. It’s like people just realized how awesome he is.

He’s the tankiest tank that ever tanked and I love that and I don’t even play much PVP.

Side note: Why do so many people misspell his name. It’s BOLDUR. Jeez.


Lul, Boldur is amazing he reminded Me if the psycho from BL2 a berserker type fighter. That little dwarf can be invincible.

Me too. Krieg was fun. I love chucking axes at people.

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I believe that’s what they’re doing: increasing his early game while decreasing his late game so he’s more balanced throughout the match.

Leave now, those characters are not one trick or 2 trick ponies. I kid, but seriously yeah boldor is and galilea is rework on desecrate

Take away Galilea’s stun OR nerf her Sustain.
Id prefer the removal of the stun but either would be acceptable.

I have literally never played against a bolder in my paltry 50+ matches.
He was picked in ONE game (i reviewed my match history, but he disconnected at the beginning sooo)

Galilea’s Stun is totally fine and maybe the hardest to hit in the game with Ambra’s level 10 ult.
Her sustain is really weak, don’t know why it should be nerf.

Galilea have 6 “abilities” :
2 really powerfull that should be nerf : Desecrate and DPS
2 totally fine : Stun and Shield
2 really bad that should be buff : Ultimate and Passive

She is a character that doesn’t need a Buff or a Nerf but a balance about her abilities as she have some really good and some really bad abilities not to mention her totally useless level 10


Thats your opinion. An thats cool
But in my opinion, her stun is too much on her overall kit.
Its too useful.
You say its hard to hit but yet i have no problems hitting the peeps with it an it seems the people i bump into have no problem hitting me with it.
So in my experience its too much with everything else she brings to the table.
I consider her one hell of an effecient “trench” character. Shes get in there nice an dirty an can hang out for days.
Give her a half competent Orendi to back her up an its GG to almost any 2v2 + scenerio.

I don’t say it’s hard to land but one of the hardest, as they all are quiet easy to land, it doesn’t really change anything. And what i say here is a bit of nosense xD

But it’s one of the less powerfull stun as she can only stun one target and can be blocked by mobs. When a lot of others can stun multiple target.

Her stun wouldn’t be a problem if her DPS wasn’t so great and her Desecrate stack multiple CC

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The problem is that he can do his tank job while also dishing out a ton of damage, which really just isn’t fair

To be fair, how sturdy is your position to criticize having only played a “paltry 50+ matches”?