The Elephant in the Room - Should Boldur & Gali Be Nerfed?

Ever tried Toby’s mine stun?
Or Miko’s spore stun?

Stuns may be hard to hit, but eventually you learn how to hit them like 8/10 of the times. And I don’t think Gally’s is hardest to hit by FAR.


50 matches is def enough to criticize. And everyone can give an opinion about character balance…


If your changes bring her down a peg thats fine with me, but on a casual level it seems to be the stun. But ill take your word for it :stuck_out_tongue:

First off, how rude and immature of you to insinuate that i shld have no opinions because im a newer player. This game isnt rocket science, just with simple math and and a detailed comb through of a characters helix and kit its obvious who are the top tier and the lower tier.
Secondly, ive played ALOT of mobas, which this game is, and remarkably they are all balanced accordingly to team fuctions and roles in a match. Any half competent person doesnt need hundreds of hours to grasp these simple details.
Also, so according to your logic, after you bought the game you had zero opinions on anything in this game, an was just a blank minded pleeb for the first month or so. Glad im not like you then an find this game simple and easy to pick up/grasp the concept of.
So please, next time you feel the urge to insult my intelligence because you feel you or anyone else opinion is more viable then anyones else’s, do us all a favor an just keep quiet.
Unless you have something actually relevent and useful to add to the conversation.
K thanks bye.


I completely agree. El Dragón is fine imo, maybe the stats GBX has access to says otherwise, but I don’t think these changes are necessary. I can understand the decrease to his clap damage but that’s it.

He’s a glass cannon now. We don’t need a glass pistol.

Hey. This forum is for talking about games.

Not other forum users, so please, take the personal stuff away from this place. Ta.


Yeah, he’s an ultra late game character which must’ve made people think he was bad.

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Strong point. Her passive is only good for getting small shards, and her ult I s just an escape. Give her stealth instead if you want her to have an escape.

Hes not easy to play, thats why he has a below 50% win rate and isnt often picked. Which is one of the reasons he can be so strong.

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Igh, I can’t hit any of those lol. I can hit Thorn’s bow shots and with Ambra’s ult, but I need more practice with that. I’ve just been taking trail of Spores and throwing it over a lane to annoy all of my enemies and catching stealthers.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH no its not. Boldurdash is harder. Mikos spore is hard. Its probably the easiest besides ISICs and Kelvins. Its fast, it can bounce, it gives you a trajectory for it… Only played her a couple times because random, and it took no effort.
@epicender584 eh, corruption is great for wave clear since damaging minions means EXP if they die soon enough.

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I think his clap is too strong, but otherwise he’s fine.

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If you go against me while I play with Oscar Mike, Reyna, Benedict, Orendi or even as Gali herself then you will learn how hard it is to stun a skilled player wth it. You will never hit me if I am aware of your location.

Good point with the corruption, didn’t think of that.

That can be true. You can really jump in this game.

Jumping makes you easier to hit though, with those characters at least. Just aim for where they’re landing.
@RayLightning you dont play with good galileas a lot do you? Maybe you’re on console or something

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Ah you’re on PC. That makes sense. That would probably help with my aiming.

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That does explain his perspective. Enough said

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Ahhh you PC players with your better aiming/reaction time. Skewing all these opinions with your supiorer technology :stuck_out_tongue: lmfao
What u recommend as a good way to “git gud” with boldur? As in, what wld you recommend for "practice makes perfect"
Cuz getting continually stomped in PVP cant be a very good learning experience id imagine bit if you think so, hey ill take those loses an start practicing lolz

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Probably just wait until the next big patch since they’re changing him a bit, then you practice using him. I think hes more played on console, since ranged is generally a little less effective so melee has an edge.
Patience with boldurdash is the biggest thing. Throw the axe whenever you want speed, try to have a wave-clear/ranged DDer with you, since he sucks at wave clear so you wanna wade into injured minions and someone to secure kills when you stun people.


He’s actually getting a small rework. Boldurdash will be more responsive and easier to control.

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