The End of my Gaming

Rumours have it that Borderlands 3 is only going to be available on the PC from the dreadful Epic Games Store. I have played the Borderlands games for so long they have become part of me. However all that will shortly end. How can Gearbox/2K/Take Two give Borderlands 3 distribution to Epic Games Store? Epic Games Store must be the worst feature to appear in gaming. What about the BL Community which has developed on Steam, what about user reviews, what about trading, what about screenshot saves, what about offline paly, etc? I was going to download the Super Deluxe version but not anymore. If Gearbox want to use the Epic Games Store they won’t be getting my money. This whole saga makes me so sad.

Without delving into the Epic debacle, you do know that Borderlands 3 will be available on Steam April 2020 right?

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I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks. A further 6 month wait it is.


I’ve never used the Epic store before - sounds like there is something I should know?

@MajMattMason Well a PC player can probalby tell you more.

In short: The Epic store/launcher is missing dozen of things that Steam and other launchers have(Achievements, Cloud saves etc. they don’t even have a shopping cart)

But alot of people are pissed that Epic just outright buys exclusive rights with their Fortnite money. Something which even I, as a Xbox player, finds horrifying.


We’ve had a few threads dedicated to this.


when the game was announced with the release date, several threads were created with several complaints about the Epic Games store thing.

as others have pointed out, you can wait 6 months after the initial release date and it will be available via Steam. but you can still get it on PS4 or Xbox1.

and Gearbox has the right of who/where they sell the game. as explained in the other threads.

Will be on Steam April 2020. Personally I wouldn’t want to wait any day longer, but I’m also bot experienced with epic/steam, since I’m on XBox

That’s right but this was mostly a decision made by 2K.

Welcome to capitalism. it is why they can afford to put in the development time.
If they don’t maximise the return, the franchise dies.

Imma just point out that the PS4 has a lot of great exclusives, the option to swap a SSD into it for performance, and extreme ease of couch play. Or bed, if your SO is down for tolerating it. That’s actually one of my metrics for selecting a SO. They’re keepers.

Closed, because the OP had some of their concerns resolved.