The End Of The Universe Is Getting Closer Everyday

Lets give a big thanks to guys at Gearbox for a really good game that is, Battleborn. After the fall update no more content will be added into Battleborn so it’s a once in a life time opportunity sort of deal cause the servers will be running for some time than they will shut them off for good. My condolences to a fun game that I have enjoyed, and I’m still not rank 150 yet.


Let’s get hype for ALL THE NEWS!

Even if they end up disappointing us with no news, then at least we’ll have been really hyped for a few hours.

Wow… I’m not even being sarcastic… I actually am hyped with exactly that in mind.


Wish I can be that optimistic.

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My partner has been sick all week so I’ve gone 3 days without playing and I’m jonesing.
Anything is enough to make me optimistic right now.

I’d at least like to know what the non-Borderlands skins they mentioned will be about - Magnus pack skins or not?

Battleplan? Oh yeah. I forgot. Allow me to portrey the illusion of hype.




Wow! You seem really hyped! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Beside a recap of PAX? Man, where were you for the last 6 months?

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Jokes on you! Battleplan seems to have been cancelled indefinitely!! muahahahaha it’s a joke…I think

You made me run to the twitter to check.

Since the last time they did that they didn’t bother to let us know here…

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You just HAD to remind me about something I managed to erase from memory. God, that left such a bitter taste in my mouth. :angry:


isn´t it supposed to be live already or did i get the time wrong

It usually goes live around 1pm eastern time for me.

for me it always was 6pm in the german timezone and thats the current time …it might be that a forgot a clock change tho

Sorry, luv.

@nils_palenio Should be soon. I don’t think there’s an exact timing other than AROUND NOW.

Hopefully it is Soon and not SOON!™


let´s do a bit of betting …i bet they forgot it XD

Hey all! We’re still working on today’s post, sorry for the delay!


I bet that it will be late because it is taking extra time to type up all of the extra changes that are coming and the grand announcement of Season 2 with 10 new characters (including Nova in a robo-suit).


that must be the delay mere is talking about

CONFIRMED by person above!