The EndGame is way to easy

I’am a huge fan of borderlands and i’am a little bit borring on this one.
I’am lvl 50 and i play on mayhem 3 TVHM, and i kill everything without any difficulty (excepte this purples crazy mob :wink: )
I’am asking today for a mode / area / boss with a increase difficulty, something for those who wants to die 100 times on a single boss. I’am looking for this crazy nice feelling to kill something very very hard.
Thx a lot and have a good loot !

Patience! It’s been little over 2 weeks since the game came out. We already know theres a boss arena so were getting a raid boss just not right this moment.

Try Circles of Slaughter, especially the one at Konrads.
Might be a Challenge.

TVHM/UM3 with only white weapons

Challenge yourself

Honestly, the game isn’t going to get significant updates that make it more interesting.
Perhaps after a year, but this seasonal update proves the attempt at a “pseudo” live service. Shame, really.

With zane!! Let’s make it a real challenge.

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