The Enforcers "Passive Push Away" needs to Vanish quickly

I just lost on Hardcore Advanced Renegade since Hylis decided to stay on his Platform and I as a Kelvin with over 15.000 Health Points lose cause that Jerk pushes me away when I try to get to his platform.

I can’t stand this… if it was his Whirling Attack or the Knock Back of his Pounce FINE… But he ran to me while shooting and pushed me into my doom.

I have in general no Problem with clearing this level with melee characters, but I hate that Pushing none the less.

It falls into the category of unfair advantage just as Brutes being unhitable for melee when leaning back for their grenade, the same for geoff when he does the ground pound or the single Grenade of an Elite Bot dealing more than 2.400 damage with nearly no time to dodge…

The Enforcers advantage is the one that bugs me the most, cause not even the grenade of an filthy Elite Bot could have killed me in one hit… but, a little pushing here and there and oh… no chance at my legendary for you this time, Mr. Goofy Pushover.

I don’t want this to happen again ever… never again…

Did anyone notice that the Enforcers in that stage got names? Was this patched in with Ernest?

Don’t remember seing “Mancy” or “Trox” before Ernest early access…


They’ve had names they’re just harder to see and most of the time since you’re probably just dispensing bullets into their face rather than looking at their name tag


It took me countless runs before I realized Trox had a name, never noticed Mancy… When I fight Hylis on the platform, I always make sure my back is to the boxes at the start of the platform so I can’t be pushed off, it’s BS I agree, but also not likely to be changed so that’s how I deal with it…It takes longer because I’m constantly repositioning and passing up opportunities to hit him, but I’ve not been pushed off since I started doing that.

Well, I got recording from The Renegade, from around August 4th, and they were "Hylis’ Guard"s then.
So, probably some Update since then changed that.

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Trox is the enforcer at the end of the second spawn point, guessing Mancy is the one at the end of the first but have never looked on that one

I’d like it if Hylis never went on that platform anyway. Likes to drop most of the bonus score down the map.


Hardcore doesn’t affect drop chances, as far as I know…

I hate push back insta deaths so much…


That’s not it, but I am trying to get one of his Legendaries on Max Roll. Kelvin was one of the Last characters that isn’t Rank 15… so I used him.

Hylis denied me even the chance of getting Oath of the Sustained… how rude of him.

From now on he can talk to my Montana… we’ll see who is the better Enforcer then.

…Had this happen with myself as Miko while playing with one of the Moderators here.
We were milking him for the bonus score, didn’t realize until recently that you can shoot his air nades for points.

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Intresting… but having a high score is only for bragging rights, am I correct?

Most of the time I’m just too lazy to even try and get gold.

It would be cool if Mancy and Trox would have a Legendary drop like those Mini-Bosses in the Saboteur… then you wouldn’t be so annoyed if Hylis finishes you, because you already had 2 chances on good loot.

Wouldn’t help me get the Oath quicker but it would still be nice :smile:

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…Naaa, we all did it just as completion. This game needs little perks.

Does hardcore affect roll? I kinda doubt…

Oh, so this was not about Hylis’;s escort but about minibosses in previous stages?
Yes, I see now they had names like Thrall Enforcer Captain Mancy. So, guess this has been from the begining.

The guards don’t have names, but the enforcers that spawn on the points other then hylis are named Mancy and Trox.

Besides, Hylis’s guards are Beastmasters.

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Nope, but it sure helps grabbing some more loot on the way. And I don’t see a Problem with playing on Hardcore normally… I mean i could have taken my time and wait fir him to do his jump Attack and smack him then, but I wanted to get done with it quickly.

It’s the main reason you die in this game, if you get a challenge or just rush a heavily guarded area instead of taking your time amd finish the Enemies one by one.

Hardcore doesn’t affect loot. It only affects how many bonus score bubbles spawn from big chests and bosses - they are always at max on hardcore (the same amount as you get on non-hardcore when you have 10+ spare lives).

So hardcore serves for maxing your score or if you want a bit more challenge.

Even if it’s only Placebo, if I compare the amount of loot between normal/hardcore I end up with more on Hardcore (Gear in 3 Slot boxes, Lootpacks in 6 Slot chests, randomly dropped gear) and my feeling tells me Legendary drops are a little more likely.

Hardcore is not much trouble if you play safe… on the Heliophage I can understand that Advanced + Hardcore is a real challenge, but in all the others a Shard Generator can make life so much easier…

Getting early access to shield Pen makes Ronin & Striker bots so much easier, and in other levels nothing goes over a Thumper Turret defense.

It might be Placebo, but I’ll just stick to it.