The Enigmatic & Totally Elusive Cloning Ghast Call

Been farming for 4 straight days, 6 hours a day on Slaughter Shaft M3. Endured 2 hard crashes, more stalkers than you can poke stick atm& not one single Cloning Ghast Call. Had multiple of the ordinary one drop at the same time…because reasons. Going a bit insane. Do you have to be on M4 for it to drop? Surely after 24hrs of farming you’d expect one :woman_facepalming: Did they decide it was OP & culled it or am I just that unlucky?

I’ve only ever found 2, and I’ve been farming heck daily since it came out. It can be found on all Mayhem levels.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I needed to know. In that case they must be an extremely rare drops. Played the Haunt mission way too many times as well before farming the Slaughter Shaft. Might give it one last push before the event ends.

I have ONE, and it’s level 44. Still shreds 51 M2 Traunt though on Amara, whilst using a shock Cutsman.

Sounds nice :grimacing: Will give it a go today & see what pops up. Running Amara at the moment too.

Yeah, I’m kinda curious to see what a 50 version will do.

I’ve picked up a few. I can take a look in my vault and see if I have one there to give u.
Which platform are u on?

I’m on PS4. Did another big session yesterday on Cistern of Slaughter. Best I got was a roid. The same one I already had. My PS name is trinoz. If you have a spare I’d leave u my first born if I had one. :wink: Don’t think I can face another futile session.

Would be good to know how the Amara anointment that casts ghosts on action skill compares damage wise.

I checked last night and don’t have any. But I will farm tonight and see if one will drop for me. I got mine on haunt level m4.

Had another go today. No luck. In about 5 hours didn’t have one of any description drop. Plenty of the other usual suspects. If you happen on one that’d be great. If not the sky won’t fall in…I guess they might run the event again next year. At my age a year goes fast :wink: Thanks for trying to help. Appreciated. Got a ton of gear if you’re looking for something.

Got the cloning ghast call for you

You’re kidding me right :joy: Got to give me points for trying. Kept farming to the very end. Might even be still in game on pause. You’re a legend. Never interacted with anyone in game before. Sad I know. Just soloing it out here. My PS name is trinoz. Is there anything you’re after? I’ve almost 300 items in the cooler…except, you know.

The universe is bizarre. Had left the game on pause in my last session came back just now & the ghosts were still active. Thought I’d give it one last run for old time sake & within a few minutes became the owner of a bright shiny Cloning Ghost Call. Perseverance paid off. Phew. Goodbye ghosts until next time.

I’ve tried to send u an invite but won’t let me. My psn name is Spitbull_23

If you have a brawler ward that would be great? Shield

Have never come across one in any of my play throughs unfortunately. If I do it’s yours. Only a couple of legendaries I’ve never seen & that’s one of them. Sorry. Anything else on your wishlist? :sunglasses:

No I got it now. U still want the cloning ghast call? I sent u a psn invite

Hey Marco. I finally got one in the last few minutes of the event (was about 12 hours after the event finished actually). Totally weird RNG. Thanks for your help anyway. I’m sure there’s heaps of other people who didn’t luck out who’d appreciate it .