The Eridian Takedown could be coming as early as next week

Woo! Last Takedown brought us such items as the Spiritual Driver, Kyb’s Worth, Tiggs Boom and the Redistributor, not to mention Wotan himself and the Valkyrie Squad. Hopefully a big balancing patch too.

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Won’t be thrilled for it if some things aren’t fixed. Kinda skeptical with it actually since I’m unsure high Mayhem levels drops at the right level. I may going skip it till stuffs are iron out


I literally can’t wait for the second raid. Maliwan Takedown was A+ I have very little criticisms to it. I love the map, the layout, the mobbing is some of the best I’ve played, as well as the boss fights. I wish we had 4 raids in this game already lol.

I’d really look forward to proving grounds becoming more difficult somehow, or CoS in the DLC. I love re playable end game content lol


I might be excited, if the game was in a good place right now.
I’m not a huge fan of raids, but they’re OK, however adding extra content when everyone seems annoyed about things like game balance, item scaling and a need for fixes (like letting us see the mayhem level of gear), seems like a bad idea.
Delay the raid, get things fixed, then add it to celebrate.
And hopefully, the patch that adds the new content won’t f*ck the game up, again. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.


I’m experiencing huge lag on the current Black Site, so hope it’s fixed before the new one arrives.

They basically need to do three main things in the patch:

  1. Label guns according to Mayhem level.
  2. Work on scaling so guns feel generally satisfying again.
  3. Scale everything else. Action skills, grenades, melee, pets, offensive shields, slams, slides, chests, quest rewards, etc.

Now if they achieved that in a single patch that would be a pretty monumentous accomplishment, so yes, maybe they should delay the Takedown. That said, I believe the patch team and new content team are separate so they will probably be working on both and one won’t be delayed for the other.


If they release that content in the midst of this mayhem 2.0 fiasco…that would be an unmitigated disaster. I really hope they have the common sense to address the monumental issues that currently exist in the game before piling more content on top of it (raid content no less).


Lets just hope there are no new crazy bugs.


Absolutely. There’s no reason to be adding new content right now when the current game is such a mess.


Imagine if they delayed new content until when all this is sorted out and then, with the issues finally resolved, we get a Takedown and DLC3 on the same day. Then, maybe Fl4k’s pets would get the buffs they so desperately need.


I can imagine but I’m not holding my breath. Fl4k’s pets and fixing the broken IB of Moze that they only just fixed…among many other things.

Agreed, the game is not in a fit state to add new content this soon. Every time they add new code things break more and more.

Fix first, so we can enjoy the content we already have.


Beside the fact there’s many issues to fix already. Content wise I think they should slow down on their “mayhem and chaos”. Contents have been rolling out with new dlc, events, meta every few weeks.
Take a breather. Let people adjust and explore what have been released before adding more. A bit more stability…

It was bad enough the Cartel event (great that it is), dropped with the MH 2.0 mess.
This was roughly around a month after DLC2.
Outside of Anarchy, the DLC2 items have been severely neutered. Would have been nice to be able to enjoy them longer.

Until alot of the balance issues are fixed, as well as loot drop rates, I feel they should not release any new content. A fix it patch is more important than a new raid.
Just IMHO but too much too soon with no fixes does not make the game fun…


I am sad. The reason is because this game will not be ready for several more months. That’s being optimistic. The menus are broken. I can’t scroll through my inventory of 5 items without significant lag. The character balance is ludicrous. Amara still has bugged skills from when the game released while FL4K, the BEASTMASTER’s pets are nigh useless in the endgame. Many weapons are under-performing so much that the difference in damage between two guns of equal fire rates and identical damage numbers (in the stats sheet) are in the thousands…

Truth is, with how this game is going I don’t know if the game will ever be relatively balanced. BL2 certainly wasn’t. This makes me fear for whatever future GB sees for this franchise.


Mmhh am I missing something, or next week is just as realistic of a release time as the last day of May?

im excited but i seriously hope the m2.0 fix comes before it. i just want an enjoyable experience at the max difficulty so i can pick up the game again

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Yes, there’s no guarantee of which week it will drop, but likely next week or the one after. I do hear what people are saying, though. Quality over quantity right now.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually excited for it, I was just making sure.

And besides, since Gearbox mentioned that a lot of the current issues can only be solved through an update, and the next one will probably drop together with the Takedown, eeehhh I doubt they’ll fix them before then.


Be excited but don’t get too excited because when another fiasco comes on top of what’s happening right now, you might end up cursing more lol.

It’s better to expect a mediocre release and be blown out because it was really great than expect an excellent release and be blown out by how crappy the new stuff are.