The essential quandary of the IB build

Assuming good rolls, whether a Blaster Master to boost damage or Bear Trooper to reduce fuel consumption?

I’ve tried them both and I think I’m leaning Bear Trooper, even though I have a Blaster Master com with splash damage and weapon damage…

Blast master all the way so you can still manage outside of iron bear.

Besides blast master makes iron bear kill twice as quick, while bear trooper only increases your time in the mech by 50 percent. I found I could kill Billy the anointed M4 with time left on iron bear with blast master, while with bear trooper he still had health left.

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I use Mind Sweeper for Bossing & Rocketeer for mobbing. If I actually want to thrash around in Iron Bear I use Raging Bear. I haven’t got much use out of Blast master because all the weapons I use have +120% Splash Damage.

However I did just get one with +45% Jackobs Crit Damage & +45% Jackobs Damage. I might try it with the Headsplosion.

+1 for Blast Master for all the reasons already explained, plus the fact that it can boost Vampyr which is the only way for Iron Bear to self-repair. If you’re using Auto Bear then choosing Blast Master over Raging Bear is a no-brainer.

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