The ethical rules of Co-oping.(Unofficial)

(Shockzu) #1

I decided to make a topic where people can share what they expect when they co-op. For example if you host a game. Do you think the host should get first dibs? Not to say you should be stingy, because you can’t keep all the good stuff, especially if it’s called co-op. Please list things that you would like gamers to know if you decided to host. List things that annoy you. :rage: And the things that you like :grinning:, and the things that you really don’t care about because honestly they helped you win. :sweat_smile: Thank you.

(Thefaceofboe) #2

If I’m playing public I don’t expect anything at all. If I’m looking to collect a certain type of gear or have other things I want I make a thread on steam that details what my rules for hosting are and invite people to join through my profile. Typically it involves me getting shotguns/SMGs of purple and above rarity and ignoring all other weapon types.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #3

I think whenever one of your coop partner go to FFYL you should trigger vaulthunter.exe immediately to help them. Rubber Ducky FTW.

(Super Badass Constructor ) #4

I’ve never played public. I usually play with the same group of friends and we are good with splitting gear up. If it works best with their build, they get it etc.

Yesssssss. Also Torgue Fiesta to show you love them even more. THEY ARE PRESENTS… that kill you with love! I also like picking carrots on Digistruct Peak for a balanced team diet. One friend hates carrots now. /trollmode

(40pounder ) #5

Not that it should have to be said but kicking everyone right before the Invincible Sentinel goes down is such a dick move.

Also I don’t think host gets first pick. The looting is every man for himself.


I have to add that it should be always the host who picks wich mission to play and you shouldn’t turn missions in without asking


Just don’t be an ass. And if you are jumping in to someone elses game, act like you are the guest. Let the host decide what to do.

And don’t pick up good loot before the rest of the group also get a chance to see it.

(Ryoushinteki) #8

I think that everyone has expectations for random online players that most likely don’t have a clue about anything. Most randoms in games just play to play. They don’t care about you or hell even their selves.

The best advice I could ever give anyone is to think about that logic and use it to your advantage.


If you come in with the attitude that your co-player doesn’t care, and that you should turn that to your advantage. Well then you are probably one of thoose who break rule #1.
Don’t be an ass.

(Chasing my Imago) #10

I rarely play with randoms in BL, but when I do, I like to get a consensus of who is looking for what. If they say they want a specific gun, and it drops, I let them take it. 99% of the time though, I’m playing with my brother or a friend, so we know not to just grab stuff selfishly, and we have a fair idea of what gear is best for which player, so even when we do pick something up quick, we ask 'em if they want it before we vend or grind it.

Also, what @Fyx said. Don’t be an ass. Unless you’re funny, then it’s ok.

(Wuggums47) #11

Ideally the only rule would be “don’t deliberately hinder the progress of other players”, but I think that has to be broken up in to a few more. First of all if the quest has a unique reward, before you accept it, ask everyone around you if they wanted a level 60 version of whatever gun it is. The second rule is that just because loot dropped, does not make it yours. If it’s the one gun you’ve been yearning for and will be equipped and used immediately, then yes you probably deserve the gun. But if there is someone else in your group who is still using green guns, and you where just planning on selling that gun on your trade thread or giving it to an alt, then they deserve the gun. The next rule is basically just not to be an ass. Don’t kick everyone from your game as soon as good loot drops. Don’t do/say things intending to cause trouble. Don’t AFK for an entire hour, if you’re going to do that just log out.