The European release date vs the US

Um, Hi everyone.

Just as a note, I have preordered the game on Xbox one, through the Microsoft store.

I’m just writing about my annoyance that the UK and Europe are getting the game 3 days later than the U.S. It’s annoying me mainly because I don’t see the reason why the Americans can get it 3 days earlier, whereas because I live in the UK, I am not able to play the game. I paid just about the same amount as them, and they get to play it earlier because they’re American? Nothing against America by the way, just annoyed about the release date.


Different online stores update at different times, it sucks but it’s Microsoft’s (and lack of synchronisation between NA and EU branches) fault.

But UK gets Age Of Ultron early, if that’s any consolation.

It’s just the way it’s always been, Canada and the US have always had game releases on tuesdays and the rest on fridays,this goes for movie releases too

Not necessarily, nowadays that’s going out of trend with digital releases. I’m not mad or anything, I would just like to play my game with the rest of the world!

Thanks for the reply though!

NP I’m sure there’s a reason why but it’s lost on me

Online stores have no effect on Retail stores. In 2015, staggered releases make no sense whatsoever.