The ever evolving in-game Troll

With the release of Alani I encountered a new type of troll last night- the “Quickly Picks Alani and then Disconnects” troll. Anyone else run into this gem? Stay classy trolls.

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I would rather 1 person pick Alani and leave than 1 person pick Alani and play solo because everyone else dropped.

True. In PVP though it is bad enough when one person leaves. It really doesn’t help when it is the healer.

While that is true there is also Miko, Reyna, Kleese, and Ambra.

Absolutely. The way this works though is the Troll rushes and picks Alani right away. Most players then would not choose one of those other healers thinking that the team already has one. Then once the match starts the troll drops.

I guess it’s hit and miss I’ve had games with 3 supports and no supports, but one thing I learned is you don’t need a support to win the game.

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The primary issue here is the trolling that leaves a team down a player and really wastes the other players’ time. Coming back from that kind of imbalance can be too much and really ruins the match. That people would do that to the 9 other people on purpose is frustrating. But that goes into a bigger issue that hopefully GB is working on.