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Noob here, so forgive me if this has been addressed. Great game by the way, really enjoying myself.

Anyhoo, why is it in games that force matchmaking there’s not just a big red button in the middle of the intro screen that just lets you queue for anything and everything?

Low player pop is causing long wait times for games and 3 separate game modes with even more sub categories is splitting that already reduced population up. So why not fill in the unfilled spots with players that honestly don’t care what game mode they get as long as they get to play?

I’m also really indecisive so just throw me in a random game. I’ve seen matchmaking kill so many games. Why is “The Everything Button” not a common feature in these games? Thanks!



I’d like that.

Welcome to BB btw!


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From what I understand, there really isn’t an answer. It’s a solid idea. But that would apparently require a rework of the entire matchmaking system, which for whatever reason they’ve said they will not do. They’ve mainly been trying to work around it with queue changes and the like, which you’ve obviously encountered.

US Seattle steam servers. Been waiting literally 10m for a normal story game. I just want to play anything as long as its multiplayer.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, my complaining isn’t really constructive.

It seems to me that matchmaking would be THE top priority. Whatever money they have left should be put toward this goal. Long wait times makes the game look unpopular and I know that just isn’t the case. It might not be the next Dota, but there’s certainly enough people playing BB to support a full mp game.

Funnel everyone who doesn’t have a preference into those unfilled spots. The Everything Button. Or maybe I’m just not playing the right game modes?


Story mode? Its been death for a while. We got 3 queues there because in the begining when ppl played public pve we asked for heliophage to be a dif queue.

It was hard to do it solo, in pub with low lvls it was harder than anything else. Thats how heliophage queue was born.

Ppl wanted to do advance with a team, but shy ppl who didnt have friends to party up requested a pub for adv.

I honestly feel that GBX doesn’t know how to fix matchmaking. They want the game to preform, and add DLC to do that, but don’t realise that PvP players can’t stand the matchmaking. This will kill the PvP side, and honestly, it tires me out with all the bugs to matchmaking.

If they want to have a trial version of battleborn, they will need it fixed. Perhaps after the next patch. Who knows.

Now, they recently have been doing rotations, so heres an idea gearbox: One day a week, when activity is lowest, remove all PvP playlists accept a new one… All modes. Bots Battle is temporairily moved to training to make PvP more advertised, and get quicker, funner games going.*

*This is not the best solution, but one for the meantime. Maybe PC only?

@Jythri @JoeKGBX Why won’t you guys do a matchmaking rework? The balence team has time to screw (not literally) with Mellka( :frowning: ! But I kinda-not-really trust them to be carefull), so wouldn’t another team be able to fix Matchmaking for the patch?

Edit 1: Specified PVP Playlists

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As you say, there are different teams for different parts of development. And widely different skills. Analyzing play-data and making numerical and skill changes on characters is a vastly different skill set than refactoring the game’s ability to rank players, match players, build teams, and put them on servers. There’s not been a time, really since launch, where people capable of doing a ground-up re-work of matchmaking have been tasked elsewhere on Battleborn.

There’s been a progression, though I agree it has been painfully slow. Our priorities last year were to fix some major issues with the game and the performance before prioritizing any large work in matchmaking (though we did a few dozen smaller fixes, some of them which made noticeable improvements, at least statistically).

A matchmaking re-work is a huge undertaking that touches many many parts of the game. While I agree it would be very helpful in improving the Battleborn experience, we needed to improve general quality of the game first (Winter Update) and complete the things we had committed to with the Season Pass (the operation missions). There is also a truth that no matter how good the matchmaking is, unless the player numbers are at certain levels, it doesn’t matter. So, we’ve been pushing our company and publisher to do some things to help with that. Hopefully, we’ll talk more about those things soon.

All that said, I still think we need some work done to matchmaking. As we saw just after the Winter Update, higher population DOES make a big difference there, but it’s not the only thing that will make a difference.

On Playlists & Bots Battle:
We already run PC specific solutions. We’ve also tried a few different things. Some of them (Bots Battle) have been successful, and are being kept. Some of them (Versus Draft and Solo Draft) have been successful for some of the community, but we’re still tweaking them to try and find their best use. We watch the playlist activity weekly, and plan future adjustments to optimize them. We’ll continue to do that, and we do listen to feedback about the queues.

Bots Battle in Training is something that has come up a few times. I’m not sure what that accomplishes, though.

We actually did some statistical digging before making Bots Battle a permanent playlist, because we wanted to understand its affect on other queues. What we found is a large percentage of Bots Battle players were drawn from Story missions and private matches, and only a few were pulled from active PvP queues. Based on what we see, Bots battle isn’t the main problem with those queues.

Also, moving it to training won’t solve the problem. The people who like Bots Battle will find it whereever we hide it and will go play there.

Finally, while Bots Battle is more of a casual training experience, it’s still the same maps as the Versus playlists, and awards challenge advancement, like the Versus Public playlists. The Training and the Dojo do neither of those, so categorically it would be a weird fit.

So, not saying we won’t move it ever; we’re always open to changing things to best fit the community. But right now, when we spend time thinking about that re-arrangement, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.


The infamous Trial Edition? The season 2? That big train?

There is still a future for Battleborn.


I’m curious to know if you have enough data to say anything about whether any story players playing Bots Battle have then gone on to give PvP modes a try? I would guess it would be a small effect, but Bots Battle does provide a venue for PvP players to get to know PvE players, and potentially recruit them into groups for versus matches.

Yes, we are indeed seeing that trend. :slight_smile: Though, mostly, what we seem to be seeing is that players are widely playing the Bots BAttles and staying there. My belief is that it’s both a casual fun way to enjoy the character combat experience for some, and for the rest, it’s a practical way to finish out challenges.

We’re actively working on some upcoming improvements to Bots Battle for a future update. Not sure when it will land, but we’re trying to make the bots just a bit more interesting for everyone. Stay tuned.


Thanks for your thoughtful answers. Very much appreciated.

So if a rework of matchmaking is far off like I’m hearing, is there a simpler solution for the interim to simply inform newer players like me what the most active queues are right on the title screen? Make it as foolproof as possible so I just hit one button and I don’t have to go searching in menus for “Short” or “Average” queues? As an example, I feel Battlefield 1 does a good job of this in their intro menu.

After some time with the game, I’m more familiar with the menu system and how to queue more effectively to get into games faster. If I’m fresh off the boat, how do you guide me right to the most active queues for the best possible introductory experience?

Thanks again!