The Excalibastard's Inconsistency?

This has happened to me enough times that there must be something to it.

The Excalibastard’s crit is supposed to provide guaranteed freeze of an enemy (not including the big bosses). Then when you melee the frozen enemy, you get the cryo singularity/nova effect.

Except that sometimes you don’t get the freeze on crit. And I don’t understand why. I was using the Ex (level 65; same level my character (Nisha) is at) for some mobbing last night and having fun chaining freeze-melee-freeze-melee kills together. It was even working on badass enemies, which isn’t always the case. But then the crits stopped working at some point. The freezes became intermittent (even though I know I was getting crits, because I was getting the “critical” text on impact) as well as the singularity/nova effect. It seemed to mostly work fine on regular enemies, but it didn’t work at all against badasses. Quitting and restarting the game did not return the Ex back to its earlier efficiency.

Anyone understand why this is happening? What am I missing here?

i dunno, but i noticed with athena(who really shines with bloodrush) that if im too close the shots will veer off to the left and miss the head, only correcting if i step back a lil. i cant say ive noticed your problem but i dont use one on any one other than athena and aurelia.

my athena has never had any crit not freeze an enemy (that isnt a big boss), whether a stab to crit or a shot to crit. i am almost certain, btw im on ps3

I can confirm this behavior… I’ll see the red ‘crit’ text, but no freeze. I thought the melee/singularity failures were due to some sort of cooldown? It’s not often enough to be a deal breaker. Where exactly does it state that it’s guaranteed to freeze on crit? There’s a chance that in reality it’s like 90% and the wiki/forum community have taken that to be 100%.

That could be the case, that’s it’s not really 100 percent guaranteed crit. But have you noticed that it really seems to be 100 percent freeze on crit for a while, then it stops working against badasses at some point? If it were only 90 percent or whatever, seems like it would work more inconsistently over time instead of working consistently and then not working at all.

This happens to me too. Most noticeably when the same enemy has been frozen multiple times.

The cryo novas are so random I don’t even

Yeah, it does seem like when you freeze the same badass enemy a few to many times. It’s like diminishing returns or something. Or if you freeze multiple badasses and don’t finish them off that way?

This doesn’t really make sense; just throwing thoughts out there.

with my athena i tend to stab-shoot-stab-shoot-stab BA’s till they dead and they tend to not get unfrozen sooo i got nothin. i think the nova-singularity is on a cooldown of about 4-6 someone above said.

Another wild guess: Does going in FFYL or getting killed while an enemy is in that frozen state possible cause the problem? Similar to how dying while frozen can cause you to be stuck in that cryo state in which you can’t move at full speed?

Or does freezing several enemies at once cause the problem?

Again, just a wild guess.

it seems the nova/singularity will only proc after the sequence finishes. so… first singularity then nova and then you can do it again. i also noticed it is not 100% chance of freeze on BA’s. i shot one 7-8 times directly in the face and nadda.

Yes. It’s inconsistent. Because sometimes it will work every time like it is supposedly supposed to do, but then it doesn’t work at all.

I also noticed last night that the nova can also be inconsistent. Sometimes it does not freeze enemies like it is supposed to.