The Executive Insurance Policy Legendary Gear

Simple question…does anyone know if the Legendary Gear called Executive Insurance Policy drops from any of the bosses in the story mode?

Are you showing me a picture? If so, somehow I cannot see it. Could you tell me what you are trying to say in words?

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Ahh wait never mind I got it.

I didn’t ;_;

Take a look here. Whilst probably not a 100% accurate database, it does seem to drop of from LLC faction packs.

^ That link is what I tried to share, for some reason it fudged up lol :frowning:

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Yeah, I have found that you can’t link to spreadsheets like that because it will try to upload it to the forums instead.
You will either have to hyperlink it manually, quote or just preformat the text.

Me and a random group got it off the sabatour last boss yesterday. :slight_smile: