The experiment suggestions

Hello. I recently played “The experiment” on advanced match making and i just had a couple of suggestions. I think the the defense points around the portal generator should get some of their health back for the final defense waves. not a full heal, but maybe 30%. with the futuristic tech of battleborn. it would’t be that much of a stretch to say that the defense points have some sort self repair and heal a bit when your off defending the other defense points on the map.For a team of well coordinated friends,this issue could be overcome.But when you take into account random people from the new advanced matchmaking. it becomes a little bit more of a problem.

Just gotta hold it down man, I know it seems like a chore, but it is do able

if i had a full team of people to communicate with, it wouldn’t be an issue. but with a team of randoms who up and leave at the first sign of trouble, leaving me to deal with increased mobs meant for multiple players. its starts to get hard to hold it down. i wish we had some kind of consequence to discourage leaving early, other than being locked in the activity that is. then my point would be completely irrelevant.

Edit: i don’t see it as a chore. i like wave defense.

A classic case of randoms making something unplayable also a classic case of people telling people to play in a groups while either trying to not be helpful or assuming that everybody has an endless supply of people to play with neither of which are very helpful. /rant

The thing about defense modes is that they are dependent on a team each doing their job or you’re going to suffer. You could play solo for an easier wave not ideal, but a possible solution else you’ve just got to do your best to cover your team’s issues. If you have a tank you could take a healer, if your team is lacking AoE you could take an AoE, or if you think your team is going to have an issue with a certain enemy type take a character that you know you can use to counter said enemy, your best bet IMO. Are you opposed to talking to the randoms? Some randoms do listen if you talk to them, but you of course have to be worth listening to (not dying, high points, etc etc) and insulting them even if they’re doing extremely poorly isn’t going to get you anywhere either.

i don’t insult randoms unless they are rude to me first. i also understand how to get a proper team setup.i appreciate the explanation, though.though team setup doesn’t really mean much when the rest of the team takes off before the mission is half over. i’m not opposed to talking to people random or not, but as i stated before having team who will listen or at the very least try to stay near the points is something i have trouble finding. i’ve had people either run straight into a pack of enemies and get killed and immediately do it again or be nowhere even close to the points while one or two people are left to fight the horde.What is a bigger issue though is when people ragequit for dying to much or things not going so well at first.then there are the people that leave for not getting the map they want picked or they see that a tough map like “the experiment” or “the saboteur” gets picked and leave because of that.both of those things happened in this mission i’m talking about above.

All of the defense and escort missions are really difficult with five people on advanced. I think the Experiment is the hardest though, from my experience. It took me the longest to get a win on that one with randoms, on both normal and advanced.

The experiment defense points keeping the same health total is mostly a problem for dragging on a lost game. You can lose too much health on your defense points to survive the artillery boss, but before the game is officially over you still have to do all of the waves over at the power station. It’s very easy for people to get demoralized and just sort of check out of the entire mission if you do too badly in the first wave, since they “know” they’re going to lose and the rest is formality.

You have to make some concessions and do what you can, you can’t fix all the problems you just have to fix the potential issues with the team under assumptions of good faith. I’m well aware that people quit constantly and that screws up the dynamic, but if they do stay team composition can be something that matters. As for the randoms who don’t listen yes they’re out there in droves, but trying is better than not trying, after all if you don’t try then you guarantee you won’t be successful. I’m well aware of people leaving because they don’t get the map they want.

Apparently there is an official gearbox response to this as well that they didn’t want to split the community.

can you please quit assuming i’m not trying to reach out to these people anyway i can. its kinda rude. if you’re not doing that then i’m sorry.the way you are writing makes it sound that way. i do try to say something to them.i also never said team comp doesn’t matter at all.i just said that playing to the team comp doesn’t really work when people start leaving. kinda leaves you high and dry as someone who might not be able to deal with packs of enemies all too well. team comp is very important and i try to play it the best i’m able.

but going back to my original was just something i would like to see.not necessarily something the game needs.i’ll live without it. try again and i’ll beat it someday. if i get too fed up i can search for a team on the forums.

Gotta say, level 100 now, I love The Experiment and got much better at it over time.
You can do it blind folded after 10 or so runs.
btw You can tell because of all the sciency things in it. :wink: