The Explosive Zer0....a specialty build

No…he doesn’t get the grenade damage bonuses or benefit specifically for explosives per se…and remember this is a specialty build. You are still going to want your Sandhawks and Bee and Twisters and Lyudas and Hides…and…and… etc. etc…for use at specific times in the game.So I am NOT saying forget about those weapons

Zer0 simply has (I have been delighted to find out) so many other attributes that just really exploit my favorite element in this game.

EXPLOSIVES! And forget about all the equipment swapping and matching to enemies! Explosives basically works on anything!!

I have found that Zer0 is VERY viable using explosive weapons and I verified it with my traverse of the Peak to OP8 and defeating the BA Round solo at OP8 with an Explosive Based Zer0.

The pretext is simple. Two of the games BEST weapons, the DPUH and SwordSplosion, gain tremendously from Zer0’s skill trees with Precision, Velocity, B0re, and Two Fang…as well as all the Critical hit boosts. And these two guns form the backbone of the build.

Sniping is not left out even though the Cobra stinks at the games highest levels. Forget the Cobra…just add in a Slag Pimpernel which although it does not get the Grenade Damage Bonuses or benefit from an Explosive Damage Relic…it’s still an EXPLOSIVE type of gun which OBTW is probably the games most efficient and powerful weapon. So the Pimps our sniper…and can be our slagger to boot.

Launcher is the Creamer but you can use a Badaboom, or Nukem, or 12 Pounder or Norfleet if you want…your call.
SMG will be Babymakers for the chucking (Fast Hands and Killer are really good for this)
AR is The Seeker (VERY effective at standoff, especially with Explosive Damage Relic.
Grog is your healer/alternate slagger
Grenade is Magic Missile and Slag Transfusions…Meteor Showers are nice for long range bombardments.
Shield is Blockade
Relic is Explosive Damage Relic. (downside is a loss of cooldown from a BoA…but the damage boost is SWEET!)

Four mods, all interchangeable:
Blue Chaotic Neutral (Velocity & TwoFang) - Fire Rate and Mag Size all weapons
Blue Shadow Stalker (FollowThrough & Rising Shot) - Pistol Fire Rate, Mag Size, shield recharge and SPEED
Legendary Sniper…if you just want to sit back and kill stuff with the Pimp (you will have to adjust for Velocity)

Build is:

Been using basically this…with Explosive weapons for the last couple of weeks.

It works!



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