The fact that there considering to keep m10 enemy damage has me worried

With the little health regen flak has I really don’t think m10 enemy damage is fun I hate getting shot one time and having to run around like a chicken with its head cut off and even if they scaled shields flak has no skills to help them. Also This is pushing even harder for gamma burst builds to only use red fang.


Rad I was gonna make a topic but I can just reply here… the damage, I had initially assumed the desperados and marks like the Bronson’s, if they have shock on their gun my 50k shield was gone in 3 hits. I use a stopgap and really just thought the DLC was hitting hard, which was ok because I couldn’t stand toe to toe… I can’t explain it properly but playing the Gunner has a certain feel and method to it now, Ive become accustomed to my build - Ive been getting stopgapped at 1hp within seconds of a desperado crawling out of his tent at my 3 o’clock. In the worst case scenario, if a gunner has made error on Bear placement they can be downed quicker then reaction time and then, this is my experience too, coming out of FFYL infront of a shock smg devil rider can instantly down the player again.

I wasn’t fussed before I knew, just thought DLC hit hard. Now that I know what’s happening I’m more leaning to the phase;

“The player has no chance to defend themselves or escape the worst case scenario.”

50k shield gone in a fraction of a second sometimes… Its fun but beyond my reaction time and I’m geared/built good


Definitely not fun. Fl4k is already the worst vh. He doesnt need this.

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I’m not boasting but my Moze is tough, I have to royally stuff up to negate all the juicy sprint heal off a recursion and totally miss with the epicenter vampyr and have a reload phase on the Plumage during my FFYL… If the badasses are making my Moze take cover its probably a lot/excessive damage.

Either add information about the damage increase on the Mayhem 10 display or put a skull on enemies spawning with M10 weapons… Not all enemies are doing it (I think) but guaranteed if one of them Riders has an element on their weapon I have a lot of blood slpash on my screen, the moment I deploy eject the Bear no shield covered in blood lol

And moze does not even have passive health regen, not that it would matter on M10 anyways. Current M10 enemy damage (not all only with guns) maybe fine for some build but it severely restricts build variety because you need to put more focus on health (except amra), for moze its either sapper or chug CMT like no tomorrow.

Fl4k is not the worst VH… He’s number 2 for me. Plus, you don’t need health. Shield is all you need. That and the 150/50 urad anointment. Fl4k’s survival is left up to you. And Ffyl with the GR perk is your ticket to salvation.

Health grenades are more efficient now , I know people tend to equip hunter seeker but when I play Fl4k I always equip legendary transfusion or Chupa organ. Also I always have the passive for the pet to revive me.

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Of course it’s a matter of opinion, but amara and zane are better at mobbing, moze got such a huge buff to ib (which now puts her ahead of fl4k in my opinion). Fl4k has bugs like head count, rage and recover, and gimped pet mechanics, holding him back and his survivability is already below average compared to the rest of the crew. His blue tree sucka, with a useless capstone. Gamma burst is one of the worst action skills in the game fully leveled up because this game is all about ase spam.


Well, ASE is a big part of it, especially in M10 and endgame. But I use the 150/50 urad anointment with all my characters. So that’s up 100% of the time. Fl4k can definitely make good use of ASE, but not so much Moze and Zane. He may be a glass canon, but ffyl is there as tool for you to use. Don’t be afraid of going into ffyl. The worse that can happen is you die and lose some money.

fl4k’s survivability is fine even with the broken skills, just the bugged enemy damage is making it look worse than it really is.

i honestly prefer it over lifesteal, that’s why i hate that this bug is even being thought about being kept. i dont want another healthgate-fest, please god…

getting back up is easy but falling into ffyl 5 times every encounter? slows the game down, gets annoying.


Maybe it’s because I mainly play Fade FL4K with low capacity shields but from my experience FL4K still has more than enough tools to survive if you play them properly even with the enemy damage buff.

Also if you want shield buffs on FL4K look for shields with the sliding/regen anoint; it’s a bit weak but it’s good for shaving off dots and helping slow recharge shields make more out of Topped Off.

The additional enemy damage is preferable to more than a few of the mayhem modifiers.

I think you can make any VH work to beat the hardest content in this game, though there is an argument to be made that FL4K is the worst VH when it comes to survivability based on the skill tree.

I think with just better damage scaling on pets, improved pet AI and fixing the bugs with FL4K’s skills would greatly improve FL4K’ survivability. Though for a “glass cannon” damage output could be higher considering the “cannon” that Amara is.

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