The Faction Loot Packs Need to Return to the Store

Is difficult to get the skin that i want in the core loot pack and they are expensive. It was more easier byimg the faction loot pack even woth with the low drop rate of skin or taunts


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Get some rest man, your fingers clearly no longer work.

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Jup… would be great. Even with. all the commander faction packs I got for Jennerit I didn’t get any Skin or Taunt for Beatrix… with Faction Packs I would have been done by now.

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But I get what he means, it would be nice to buy other faction loot packs again.

This got a bit longer than I expected, so TL:DR: Core Packs are surprisingly spammable through Coin Drops and can drop you any gear you might’ve missed.

When I first read the patch notes about the Loot Pack changes, I was really confused. I can’t say that it sounded like a good idea to me.

But the introduction of the Core Pack made me get some Epic Gear I was previously missing.

To show, what I mean:

Gear-wise, the Core Pack has made it much easier for me to get some of the loot I missed.

With Skins/Taunts, I’m beyond the point of ‘hunting’ a particular Item. But while the Core Pack makes it technically a lot more unlikely to get the Skin/Taunt you want, it also does seem to have a higher base chance for either. Which results in dropping you a lot more coins than faction packs.

I didn’t calculate exact numbers. I did however spend around 30000 Cr. on Packs since the update. And this small amount of Credits bought me more additional packs through coin drops than any pack before.

I didn’t take enough math notes on the faction packs, so I can’t really compare them to the Core Packs. If I’m correct on this one, it should now be overall easier to combine obtaining the desired skin/taunt with getting overall better loot. Which, for me, is a definite improvement. The bad average loot in faction packs was a major downside to ‘hunting’ a specific skin/taunt.

Factions packs were 1900 credits, and provided a very high chance at a skin and a high chance at a taunt. Cosmetic hunting was their primary purpose vs the gear packs, which were even cheaper.

That made Faction packs 600 credits cheaper than the Core packs, and Faction packs were actually more likely to refund 500 - 1500 credits because they dropped Skins / Taunts at a slightly higher rate.

Meanwhile, Gear sells for 10 for White, 25 for Green, 70 for Blue, and 150 for Purple. Even Gold items only sell for 250.

So even if you got an extra legendary item in every Core pack, with the current amount of Gear they drop, and Core packs did drop Skins / Taunts at the same rate, you’d still not make up for the price difference…

The only thing Core packs add is putting non-Faction legendary items in to the mix, adding more variety when farming loot.

The change was made to simply to encourage the purchase of Loot Boosters from the Cash Shop, and more grinding. Two party members with active Loot Boosters virtually guarantees Faction pack drops after each mission…

Core packs are simply a nightmare for hunting cosmetics.

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Sorry but i have a condition that makes me write like that. Is likeyvhands shakes really bad when i write

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best way to get faction packs is to go through the operations. You will always get a faction pack based on your character choice IF you get 100 Ops points by the end of the mission. Oscar mike might be the quickest but you can get pretty screwed over with there ops challenges. I just do attikus and toby’s ops to reach the 100 just to be safe.

Agreed. I liked the loot pack variety. What I wanted to see was lower prices and/or a higer chance to drop legendaries. Now we just have one loot pack that costs more than the faction packs??? I could never get the skins I wanted before and now I have almost no chance.

I’m sorry, but who thought this was a good idea?

Don’t worry about it. What you write is still very legible, though I wish the person you responded to wasn’t

Personally, i think they should just release an “appearance” pack that gives two skins and one taunt for 5000 credits. Did you get things that you already had? No problem, because you get 40% of your credits refunded.

Boom. Problem solved.


That’s good thinking, if you don’t care fir Gear at all this would be the perfect solution to get what’s left.

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Haha, just kidding! Sighs. I’m at work… I’m currently drunk on boredom, and what a bitter draught she is…

What do you mean by that? : c

I was just teasing the dude.

Thought he was meme writing, I understood perfectly what he wrote…

I was also replying to LinkZeppeloyd.

Not the OP…

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Oops, you’re fine. I thought that OP’s post I responded to was addressed to @LinkZeppeloyd, who rudely made fun of OP (as you know). I even likes your first post lol, all good

I feel ya. I think the OP may have misunderstood who my comment was referring to as well. Seeing as they personally replied to me, apologizing about their grammar.


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