The Fall of Nakayama Door bug

I’m trying to farm seraph crystals on my gunzerker so I went through the Hammerlock DLC on normal mode. Im on the last mission but I cant turn the valves to open up the last door to kill Nakayamal. I cant reset the quest because that would be against terms of service so someone please help.

What is your mission indicator (the stuff in the top-right of the screen) reading when you have the Nakayama mission as the current one? I’ve not actually heard of the door on this mission glitching out before.

Also just so you know, seraph crystals only drop in UVHM. The most efficient way to farm them is Pyro Pete the Invincible (unlocked once you’re rescued Moxxi and turned in that mission iirc). If you haven’t tackled that one in UVHM, you might want to read up on it first though, because it can be a pain if you aren’t prepared.

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As @VaultHunter101 says, farming Pyro Pete is by far the easiest way to go for Seraph crystals. There’s several ways to kill him fairly easily. One involves a grenade jump glitch where you can trap him in the rafters, you can use the pimpernel/Ahab etc. glitch as you have a gunzerker, there’s a place behind the rear wall that protects you from his novas, so once you learn his animations, you can duck there for those and then beehawk or grog/harold bee him in between. There’s probably two or three other ways I’m forgetting too, there’s vids on youtube of all of these methods.