The False Idols: Healers that are not healing

Okay, we’ve seen it happen. Alani, Ambra, even Miko in one case. People utterly forgoing any role in PvP that doesn’t include tactical nuclear weaponry in their kit. And normally, I’m fine wih that…until you pick a frickin healer to do it with!!!

Please, for the love of God and the Last Star, STOP WITH THE FRIGGIN HEALER PICKS IF YOU DON’T PLAN TO ACTUALLY HEAL!!! Yes, healing’s occasionally boring, sometimes even shut down entirely against someone like Galllea. But if you don’t plan to do it, pick a DPS class. Stop giving people the false hope that you might actually be good at your ROLE instead of just being decent at DPS. Stop taking characters that can swing the momentum of the fight, and turning them into ANOTHER DPS monster that isn’t going to work cause everyone’s expecting you to heal, and you’re NOT!!!

Now I know; some of you are already typing your furious rebuttals about how good Alani and Ambra’s DPS capabilties are. I hear the word NOOB just aching to be texted out here. But notice how I didn’t anything about DPSing itself? That’s because you can heal, AND DPS at the same time!! I know, it’s a mind blower, but just think it through for a moment.

Most healers, rely on Heal power, Attack Speed, and Cooldown. Well, two of those stats, apply to DPS as well. And you lose NOTHING. I was in a game as Miko, with an Alani-DPS. My overall Damage Dealt, was 8k under hers…but my Healing Given, was FOUR TIMES her count. And I stopped several kills against us, scored one kill and one assist myself, along with 16 minions and one death. Her stats? Zero kills, seven deaths, three asists, and 17 minions. Now I wonder who was more effective for the team?

I get it. Alani’s the new flavor of the month, and you wanna test her out…do that in PvE for god’s sake. Learn how she works and what kit you want to build her with. Don’t just sling a grab-bag of gear over her shoulder and trot her onto the PvP fields of war, thinking others will do everything in their power to let you be the star. Be a healer, be a DPS, or be elsewhere.


yeah it is beyond annoying when a miko does zero healing and trys to go full dps like why didnt you play oscar mike or something same thing happened in the dbz game battle of z people picked there favorite characters ignored the type of character they were and just went full on melee it killed that game so fast :stuck_out_tongue: should always make sure you like a characters play style before dedicating to said character

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Ambra and miko ok, but… alani can do high dps and cc and support herself.

if you happen to stay near her damaging spells you will be randomly healed or saved.


Healers don’t randomly heal. Good Ambra players, know how to drop the SS right where it will heal you, without overly damaging enemies and killing it too fast. Good Miko players, know how to flip between Biosynth while DPSing, and then jump to the heal beam, to sustain a fading player.

And as I said, if you want to DPS, pick a DPS. It means nothing to support yourself and score high amounts of kills, if your four other teammates end up feeding because there’s no healer on the team.

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I guess you missed one word from my reply


No, that I got. You seem to be missing the word from my two statements: HEALER. Alani is a HEALER, not a DPS. She CAN be a DPS, but you screw your team over when you pick a support and play them as DPS, unless you tell them and they counter-pick accordingly to match. if you aren’t going to play a healer as a healer, play a DPS as a DPS.

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Dude, Alani can Heal and dps.
Miko and Ambra can’t ( Kleese and Reyna too ).

If im in party with 1 Alani i take at least 1 hp regn/sec item and i don’t expect any from her.
If i have another support in my team:

  1. miko: as you said, i hope he plays his role as healer
  2. ambra: i try to follow where she places her suns and go for em if needed
  3. Kleese: like ambra, but i try to remember where the shield generetors are and Kleese himself for health regen aura.
  4. Reyna: i play a little more aggressive hoping in insta overshield if needed.

I won’t blame an Alani for “going all out as dps/cc” instead “healing”.
Not now at least.


Actually ambra needs to focus on DPS (as she is better at DPS than heal even after the nerfs), and just place sunspot when its CD is over. Always place them behind cover before engaging enemies, if allies don’t use them it’s their fault not Ambra, usesell to place them in a fight as they will die too fast

Ambra is like kleese they are not really good to heal during fights but they can provide “safezone” to back when you are low on heatlh


Really dude, did you even read my first post?

My point, is that Healers should be HEALING first. NOT DPSing. Losing a tank and two AD’s cause you’re off running down a kill as a healer nets you what precisely? One kill, while they get two in the trade. Repeat that pattern every two minutes and over the course of a Meltdown match, you WILL have 15 kills…and your enemy team will have 45. You will probably be near 10th, while they will have 3-4 8ths, and are now stomping your teammates regularly. So, you’ve done nothing to help the team, just your personal score. You’re still going to lose the match, but you won’t be the worst player on it.

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I agree with you Khas.
Except for Alani.

I have no idea what you’re talking about tbawin. I combat heal/DPS with Ambra just fine. Until I get my little sun-launcher at 8th, I trade between heals and high heat impact pokes with my staff. Getting into the mix as a healer is fine. But the goal should be to keep others alive first. If you have the momentum and the fight’s going your way; fine, swap to DPS and take a shot at a kill. But if you are unsure of the momentum, or don’t have it, you should be doing what the four OTHER players on your team can’t: healing.

But unless you take her refuel sunspot helix or the healing beam. You can only place your sunspot each 12sec and when they are placed they are placed…

What i was saying is that Ambra can focus on DPS as she can just place her sunspot and continue to attack enemies.
Just have to place a sunspot near allies or behind cover (not to close of fight as they will use all the heal on mobs instead of players)

I always play ambra full dps but i’m always the top healer (or a little behind) of the games… if you play ambra just for focusing on heal you’re not playing her as she is supposed to… take Miko in that case

How many times did i get someone crying because he get no heal… but there were 2 sunspots 2meters near him since the start of the game?

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Alani is a first controller like ghalt she dose not need to necessarily focus on healing she has to dps to even heal she will indirectly heal you while dpsing at the same time unless she needs to focus you when your low and even then its a 1 time heal until she builds stacks again. second off the alani you were with was bad period

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Running right at a healer as you are going down and having them stare blankly at you is frustrating, but running around in the midst of a push with one at your side while the team all have a huge chunk of health gone for minutes on end till you’re finally overrun and killed is pure rage fuel.

For the first the other day I saw a Miko teleport back to base at half health. My mind was blown. He had a later skin unlocked too and just did zero heals. I’ve mastered Miko and have never gone back to base.

Expect fewer heals from Alanis after the hp reduction she got today.

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I prefer being an alani healer to miko. With osmosis stacks she is great at healing other players and i know that if i get cornered i can save myself. When i play as her im mainly a healer. I never really focus on killing other players as her unless im saving myself. I thinks shes way too good of a healer to not play her that way. She can restore someones health so fast.

I get what your saying I do agree with you to a degree, but shirlias is right, alani can be a legitimate dps if she wants. She does tons of damage and can sustain well if she’s using her heal mostly for herself. A better alani would throw the heal to someone else when they don’t need it themselves, but Alani can still be very effective when she is focused primarily on the enemy rather than her own team. I kind of wish they had nerfed her damage more so this wasn’t the case, but it is.

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what this hp nerf did was make alani even more of a selfish healer now if your dieing and and she is dieing you can kiss your ass godbye she will heal herself first and foremost now but the HP nerf made her heal even better at topping herself off. It also makes geyser mandatory now imho to heal both my self and allies if there in the damned thing if not i dont care. I am also not going to chase them down to heal them they over extend they die simple sense alanis base range is good enough for me taking her minimum base heal is better over pressure wash now.

Gusy, girls, those who have yet to decide: I’m not saying DON’T be a DPS at times. I wouldn’t say it to a tank either. But know the role, and PLAY it when appropriate for the TEAM, not just yourself. Yes, Riptide and the burst heal from Geyser, can offer some mitigation. Yes, Sunspots can heal when you stand near them. But neither is as effective, nor will they EVER be, as a person who plays BOTH Heals and DPS to the fullest, as opposed to someone who focuses solely on one or the other.

Alani’s Wellspring can heal for over 1k of damage on anyone else, or 500 on you. You might not even fill your bar, but you can overheal someone like Deande, Mellka or OM, and give them EXTRA health if you have the legendary that grants it for overheals. Ambra’s staff can transfer 50 health a tick on an ally before Healpower, or give you an extra what, 20 life back per tick with the Lifesteal buff? That extra effort you AREN’T giving out, is that much sooner an ally has to Back, or gets killed. It’s that much harder they have to mantain their manueverability to stay close to the riptide and the sunspot, assuming someone doesn’t(like I tend to do) nuke the damned things before their healing pays out.

When you have four other healers on your team, you can tell me how needless it is to focus on team heals. But healing and tanking are two specific roles in the game, and only a few characters can do them. EVERYONE can DPS. if you play one, play it. You wanna control? Fine. Wanna DPS at times, no sweat. But your first job, is as a healer. if you aren’t doing that, no matter how good your numbers are, you are weakening your team overal.