The Family Jewel [BUG]

After defeating GenIVIV in the mission “The Family Jewel”, Balex asks you to “pick him up”. But Balex is nowhere to be found in the room and I’m stuck in the room. There is no object marker, or area marker. Balex is simply absent.

Edit: I quit to the title screen and loaded back into the game and now it says "Return to Sanctuary, but the room with the fast travel in it is still locked. I’m not really sure what happens to Balex after this. Sort of got cheated out of that part of the story.



What happened when you returned to sanctuary?

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i think you need to revive balex first.

When you quit/ reload, balex should be able to be picked up.

Now GenIVIV is taking over The Sanctuary III Ship.

Okay, so the quest proceeded as normal?

I have the same bug, what do I do now?

The family jewel is notoriously bugged unfortunately. Usually it’s fixed by restarting your platform. I believe after that part of the story you go back to sanctuary.