The Family Jewel... Using Amara... Go through medical Bay

I’m using Amara. 1st playthrough. I have Guardian Angel enabled. Medical Bay… When Balex has you touch the two wires, you go down. As soon as my Guardian Angel gave me Second Wind, I went down again. But the medical bot wasn’t there to revive me. I heard the dialog, but no revive from medical bot.

yep, happened to me. Bit of a sh1t move i’m afraid

I sent this over to the devs. We’re looking into it. :slight_smile:

It was changed in some patch, cause I was using this in my first playthrough back in September and I was picked up by Guardian Angel without the dying right after it. I guess the DoT from the wire is bigger now (happened to me on TVHM M4 playthrough in December).

Just a +1, this has happened to me with Amara also.