The fashion thread!

Everything fashion goes here, doesn’t matter which style you have.

To kick it of:
These are what i wear on a daily basis:

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I usually wear shorts, band tees (Bad Brains, Rancid and Suicidal Tendencies ones. Want a Krieg shirt though) and Converse or Vans shoes. Obviously, my trucker caps always with me.

I’d love to have a T-shirt or longsleeve of the Mechromancer. Do have a Borderlands shirt with a Gun Loader on it though.

I wear graphic T-Shirts and Jeans mostly. I am the boring! In the summer time though, its tank tops because I am heat intolerant :< Hard to find nice tank tops with good art on them though… ladies clothing is always bland on the art side. Guy tops are always cooler art wise :<!

Outside the BL T-shirt I have I also have a bunch of band shirts (Dark Tranquility, Vomitory, Sinister and such) (though size XL ones are now considered payama’s), one of Donkey Kong (my favorite Nintendo character) and 2 long sleeve’s (one of Amon Amarth and one Leave’s Eyes).

My favorite kinds of cut.

Got myself a pair of Ferragamos. I swear to hell, if the house burns down, I’m saving them before my passport.

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Here are my most favorite boots ever. Put the spikes in myself. (Dont mind the spawn. Thats just my mini me)


What a little cutie! She is absolutely adorable.

If you’ve yet to convince her to dress up as Tiny Tina for Halloween then we’ve missed a golden opportunity.

Sorry, I have to.


If I wasn’t to (camera) shy I would’ve made a picture how I run around on a daily basis. ohwell.

I don’t mind some Bowie from time to time :smiley:

Well, here’s how I dress:

Nike trackpants (because comfort)

Band shirts

Black tennis shoes.

I am wearing a NIN shirt right now lol.

I’m wearing a Korn shirt.

Sabaton here. Don’t listen to that band naymore but the T makes for an excellent payama.

Bad Brains. Yellow, green and red bro.

Imagine this cover, but on a shirt

If I wasn’t 1m80 in length I might have been able to wear size M. L is pretty large and XL sized T’s are tent sized compared to my figure nowadays.

Ad those XL ones are my payama’s. Well outside the one wearing now, which is L sized.

My go-to wear is old faded grey skinny jeans, old faded greyish t-shirt complete with obscure pop-culture reference. Then the brightest coloured shoes I can find, same with hoody if it’s cold.

So… The most common BB shirt there is? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, totally listening to Rock for Light right now

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Actually, yes. xD