The Fastball Problem

Please Gearbox, do one of three things for the fastball.

  1. Make it an early game drop, so it’s more fun and viable.

  2. Give it the power it deserves. It’s supposed to be an op grenade. That was it’s whole point in BL2. Some characters were especially good with it, but all characters could still use it.

  3. Finally? Please just let it die in BL3. If it’s never going to be like it’s BL2 ancestor, then just please let it go. It’s sad to watch you guys buff it every 2 or 3 months and test it in game, only to realize you guys still don’t understand why people liked it in the last game. Just let it go. Straight up delete it or replace it. Cause it’s just depressing hoping you will ever try to make it decent.


I even can’t understand some hotfixes. By now also GBX must know what the actual builds are and if not they could just remake one by watching YouTube.
They can cheat every single piece of gear and test things. The fastball is obviously best on moze so why not test it on her before release the hotfix. If it does not enough damage on god rolled moze it won’t do on other VHS. Let’s say you need 8 fastballs on capt traunt it would be amazing. It doesn’t have to one shot him but at least take 1/4 of each bar. I guess other enemies would die instantly.

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It is painfully obvious that there is no end user testing process. The numbers are not confronted to player reality, they are just shooting in the dark blindfolded hoping they will find the mark. Players say it s weak:rise the numbers, how much ? dunno just put a 1000 here like last time it will do the trick … most likely… probably… :rofl:


But letting Streamer and YouTuber already play with the new skill trees… Moxsy this goddamn lucker. Not like I would like to have them… I would just to know how they are.

The fastball problem? You mean grenades problem? Grenade are somewhere between useless and completely useless right now. Only the qasar bring some CC at least


Baseball logic:

3 fastballs in the strike zone equals an out, so three body shots to down a normal enemy.

A wild pitch to the head or a vulnerable joint will put a batter down, on the injured list, if not in the Hospital, so the Fastball should be able to Crit enemies and get those damage bonuses and potentially hit hard enough to ragdoll them on a headshot or stun them and trigger similar animations on other critical spots.

If there were a way to use the Transfusion healing mechanic in reverse, where instead of a damage number, the Fastball hit for 33% of enemy health on a direct hit and 99% on a headshot (or equivalent) crit, that would be on par with expectations.


It’s funny to think the games been out a year and they finally decided to buff base game guns and items

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If you consider all the other Major problems they’ve had to address, successfully and not, there was a lot on their plates. None of that is the fault of the consumer though.

bl3 simply can not afford damaging nades like bl2 could because of all kind of nade regen being in game. i feel like they took a very bad route with this. i much rather have had strong nades with no nade regen skills and having to find the in ammo chests. but now they are more of a spamming tool therefore they can not be too powerful.


This is a really good point and one I had not considered. I am not sure where I come down on it personally but this is a point about BL3 grenades that had not occurred to me. Good post!

Yep I’ve thought the same. It seems like I’m never hurting for grenade ammo with any of my characters, let alone Moze.

Rocket ammo seems to be more plentiful than past BL games too. In BL2 I would sometimes go with a Big Boom Blaster for grenade and rocket fun but in BL3 I’ve tried the same and it just doesn’t seem to be really necessary to throw that shield on heh.

Putting this here as a reminder of what the Fastball USED to be…


I love playing Slagga/Fastball/Bloodsplosion Krieg, so satisfying. :smiley:


This reminds me of Flak Peregrine with Fish Slap build :grinning:

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Just gonna jump in real quick and get out.

I actually got a fastball in my first hour of play, it dropped for me on athenas, so at first I was excited, woah fastball, easy mode acquired. but ahh that didn’t happen.

first everyone in this game dodges way faster than bl2, second its damage was crap all. So after missing three times because everyone was freakin “the one” I had to get right in their face before I threw it. He didn’t die, it might not of even broke the enemy’s shield.

So long story short I found a fastball in my first hour of gameplay and dropped the fastball 2 minutes later. Its not worth keeping even in base game.

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I disagree…in BL2, Krieg got free grenades for every Splash Kill/Bloodsplosion (with Blood Bath), and Axton doesn’t run out either (see the video I posted :point_up_2:)…

I just think GBX doesn’t test their grenades enough, and doesn’t know how to buff them properly.


So as much as people loved the fastball in bl2, etc the new fast ball is actually Fish Slap. I know some people dont want to hear it but it is what it is.

they do not want people cleaning up maps with unlimited nades one shotting everything… just because sth was in bl2 does not mean it is gold standard. fastball was op p1mpernel was op bee was ■■■■■■■ broken they do not want repeat of this in bl3

i played million hours of axton and without BBB shield he definitely needs to pick it up from ammo crates and manage his nade count to get weighted drops don give me any of this BS. axton granedier is nothing like moze or zane spamming away infinitely

If this is really their reason for weak grenades, it could easily be solved by toning down the grenade regen on the 2 characters that have it.

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Problems run deeper enemies drop nade ammo fl4k can make nades crit through megavore on hunter seeker moze can make nades crit by skill then they have unpatchable crit swap exploit with unforgiven (any high crit gun) to have powerful nades like in bl2 they would need to redesign whole system to have some acceptable granede return rate per dmg for nade thrown. They can not even balance base game guns i don think they can ecen remotely come close to touching up nades any time soon. They only make stuff either op or unusable no middle ground

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