The fatigue is kicking in

I’ve been farming Agonizer for the past 4 nights trying to get a dictator with 100% cryo anointment. I’ve only seen 3 drop, each with no anointment. My kill count is easily into the thousands. Feels like a big waste of time as I stare at my back log of games. sigh love this game though but damn…


killing the same boss thousands of times sounds like torture to me.


LOL yes

I know that feeling a lot when I’m farming Lavender Crawly a lot. I’m missing out too much on the raid and all I’m trying to do is smash bugs for Zane’s Cyro SNTNL Annointed.

Life suddenly creep up on me and I can’t be bothered to be honest. There is also something I wanna do to theory craft with Delivery Drone skill with Chupa’s Organ grenade and Tran_Fusion grenade with OGT annointed and I feel I’m out of time with this event.

If the rare enemies stop spawning 100% (Power Troopers) after then I’m going flip a table and turn green and angry

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Haha! I’m usually very patient. But there’s something about the Dictators drop rate. Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist normally buuuuuut… I have this weird feeling that once Gearbox gets a whiff that a gun has become popular on the interwebs, they stealth nerf the drop rate. Because when I’m not looking for a specific gun its world dropping all the time.


Take a break. Do something else for awhile. In my experience burn out is inevitable. Better to roll with it than rail against it.


Yea you’re right. I was just trying to get as many kills in before the farming “frenzy” ends. :slight_smile:

Is trading not an option? (If it is; what system might you be on?)

I’m on PS4

The Agonizer have a specific loot pool for the Dictator? Cause 3 out of a thousand kill seem like pretty much what you ought to get by random farming

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Anointment farming is taking the game in a questionable direction. Farming for perfect parts in BL2 was something people did but was 100% un neccessary. We did it because well we loved the game and wanted to create the ultimate characters. BL3 actively tells you to do this if you want to do M4 at a reasonable pace. I am fine with anointments being strong but I feel they should be added benefits rather then a factor considered when looking at the balance of the most difficult content.


Truth. And in my still admittedly limited experience in Borderlands 3, perfect parts being god roll anointments, are unnecessary. I can survive almost all of what mayhem 4 has to offer and of the 40 items in my backpack, 14 are anointed, 2 are anointments that I really really like but none are anointments I’d have wanted were I to have gone farming. If I had every item anointed exactly as I dreamed I can’t imagine what the challenge would be short of exponentially increasing health pools again for Mayhem 5.

My play time is limited so I’ve only actively farmed a few items and if my siren has to carry around beast master anointed gear then so be it.

I think the vast pool of anointments has made me go down a number of different build and loadout directions I wouldn’t have considered had it not been for an interesting anointment dropping on an item here and there. I’ve embraced the variety and let it steer me through. Then if i come across a perfect part I feel genuinely lucky. When I see posts about 1000 runs on so and so and all I got was this lousy t-shirt I just see unhappy gamers actively seeking unhappiness and unluckiness.


Funny, I had that exact same thought while farming Agonizer for the exact same gun you’re looking for. I eventually got one within 100 kills mostly on tvhm/mh4. It’s hard to fathom that you’ve killed A9000 a thousand times and have only seen 3 Dictators?? Clearly, RNGesus doesn’t want you to have an anointed Dictator.


It’s weird you posted this. I usually run wotan a couple times in the morning before work but this morning i just couldn’t kill him. Didn’t have the energy or will so to speak. I’m so close to, my goal is to get 4 kyb’s and have 3 so far but not one “redis”. Don’t even care for it since it’s a unicorn!

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Right, everyone swear blind that the Woodblocker is a beast and maybe we will start seeing less of the bloody things. :rofl:


I will admit. This is the worst luck I’ve had looking for a specific drop. It just seems the dictator is only good with perfect stat rolls. One of the kills, he dropped 2 Molok Banes and a Woodblocker! I wanted to cry lol. Then it got worse. Another kill he dropped two of the same room decoration. It was the Trooper Disc! I didn’t even know that was possible.

GB really does need to just leave the loot level the way it is now and not revert back to what it was. Because, as all of you are saying, and I’m seeing, the loot drops now suck just about as bad as they did before the event. I’m talking farming for specific items. Except for crap versions of Lyuda, that’s all I’ve managed to get off my list. It’s not fun if you can’t complete builds due to not being able to get the specific items you need. Farming the same damn boss over and over and over and over again is boring and a lot of people will just move on from the game. What GB REALLY needs to do is increase the drop rate from what the frenzy was and just leave it the F alone.

Oh, and put my ION cannon back to what it was before you nerf’d the F out of it, dammit, it’s pretty useless now!!!


It is…

Is it just me, or has Gearbox been oddly quiet since the new year? I feel like we were getting lots of YouTube videos as well as the borderlands show/podcast a lot during October-December. Maybe I’m wrong.