The fatigue is kicking in

There’s really only one way… Get old. :older_adult:


Yeah. I’m taking a break myself. Waiting for some more Moze changes to give her sustainability outside of Vampyr.

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I haven’t played Moze yet. She’s seems to be more my style but I chose Amara first when playing with friends. Out of the 4 she seems to be struggling the most for sure (Moze).

Depends on what level you want to play at. No reason in terms of playability why you can’t start levelling one up now if you want to. She’s the only VH I have to level 50 so far! :bear:

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strong text This 100% and half the people left here don’t get it and none of the developers it seems.


She just takes more work to get her to a really good spot compared to zane and amara at least from my exp.

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One thing I have pointed out to my friends is how the repeatable Circles of Slaughter, Trials and Takedowns all allow you to travel to Sanctuary and back to repeat them. Named mobs and bosses don’t. I usually end up playing with 2 other friends and we wanted to farm Tyreen Calypso for the coveted last stand Otto Idol but after not even an hour we where sick to death of reloading and we decided to run Circles of Slaugher instead.


@RavenOfArisia. Hilarious your wife is only number 6 on your list!:grin:

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@maxeastwood. Can the snowdrift Otto drop from tyreen?

What? I’ve cleared M4 with most character without using specific annointement, nor OP build. Sure it take a bit more of time, but it’s kind of the point of M4.

I understand the want to get the “perfect gun” but let’s be honnest, that’s statistically unlikely

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Well, we have been together for 26 years, so the Latest update things can kinda get in front :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Of course no one has to farm, but that is pretty much the only way you are going to get the items you are looking for. I think you’re missing the ultimate point though: farming for specific items and creating builds based on those items is a staple of this genre. A good farming and progression loop is an important aspect to any looter (obviously not to you, but to a lot of people).

Again, this is a main aspect of the looter genre. It’s not like some crazy idea that a couple people came up with and are pissed about because it isn’t implemented well. This would be like CoD having a horribly broken multiplayer mode, and you responding with “Well you don’t have to play multiplayer, just play the campaign instead! No is forcing you to play multiplayer!”

Your arguments are essentially boiling down to “Well this isn’t how I play, so it doesn’t bother me, so there is no reason this should bother the rest of you.” I can’t argue things like player count because I have no statistics on hand, but as someone that is on a lot of forums for a lot of different games, it is rare to see the community generally so united on one thing. It definitely is a major problem that is affecting the end game for a lot of people, just not for you and your style of play.

Not really though. There are 3 things to do at end game: CoS, Proving Grounds, and Takedown. All 3 have horrific drop rates aside from Slaughtershaft. This is a loot based game, that’s a pretty big problem.


Yeah tell me about it, I was trying to get the Antifreeze class mod and the Zheitsev’s Eruption rifle this whole event…someone here sent me the Antifreeze and I’m still grateful for that but as far as the Eruption goes I’m just about done killing Titan and fast traveling back to the start just to do 4 rounds again for him to not drop it… Think I’ll just focus on the last two drops Wotan has that I need since that’s at least fun to do vs getting spammed by rockets on the M4 slaughter shaft.

I actually found the Eruption to be dropping fairly well (m4) but classmods on the other hand I experienced a horrible drop rate.

Sorry it comes across that way, but I did say several times that I understand the frustration in not getting what you want. My point is not that you shouldn’t want to get better stuff, but that it’s wrong to vent on the developers for something that Borderlands has never really promised. Someone earlier broke down the number of permutations for a weapon when factoring in Anointments and there are apparently dozens of variations for a single piece of gear. So it’s just not realistic to expect exactly the one you want to drop within a short time frame. As I wrote in possibly my first reply in this topic, the issue is not with the drop rates overall, which are pretty generous, but with the possible permutations available which make the chances of getting exactly the one you want fairly remote.

Farming can and does reward with better gear quite a lot of the time, unless you were fortunate enough to get the god roll right at the beginning (in which case why farm at all?), but there’s a difference between better gear and ultimate gear and I don’t think there are many justifications for the expectation in getting ultimate gear, that’s all.

Yeah I would strongly dispute that. There are a number of people on these forums who never did the Raid bosses in BL2 and yet they played it for many, many years. It’s of course your prerogative to only choose to do certain specific things but that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t offer others. I mean, there are people (myself included) who still play BL1 and that had almost no designated end game to speak of


@Rivet_Skull. If you leave an enemy alive After you kill titan, you can suicide and just do the final round. :wink:. Alternatively… (If you are Xbox I can help you out!)

If you fast travel to the start of the area you don’t have to suicide yourself as the game counts it as a loss and I’m on PS4 or I’d totally take your offer up sorry

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This graph is misleading, every graph for every game on that website shows an upward trend meaning its tallying total player count to date, not by date.

Look at the MAU though. 850,000 monthly active users on PS4. Thats on par with Uncharted 4 (820,000 MAU) which released in 2016 and FIFA 18 with 840,000 MAU.

That’s horrible. The game came out in September of 2019 and every month there are more people playing Goat Simulator (1,300,000 MAU) on PS4.


This sentence is nonsense. A month after launch GBX announced the addition of dedicated drops. They are essentially promising you that a specific enemy is the dedicated source for a piece of gear. From the Oct 24 patch notes:

So GBX points out that there will be dedicated enemies that you can grind to get specific gear, but its OUR fault for being STUPID and attempting to get that gear. What a bunch of idiots WE are, am I right?

It clearly says in the notes “That means you’ll be able to go to a specific boss to get the specific gear you’re looking for.” But its OUR fault for 2000 attempts and not getting what we are looking for? We seriously must be a bunch of idiots, right?

Are all pieces of gear world drops? NO.
So how do I get that gear? Kill a specific enemy or trade for it.
If I kill that enemy, will I get it first try? Probably not.
So its going to take more than one attempt? Yes.
What do you call that? FARMING!!!


I’m going to agree with Dolan that this statement is a bit nonsensical. I mean by this logic, we shouldn’t be able to be upset about anything. They never promised that their menus wouldn’t lag. Borderlands never promised that all the skills would function properly. Borderlands never promised that the story would actually be good. Etc. You see how this doesn’t correct anything right?

When I buy any AAA game of any genre, there are certain standards that I expect to be met based on the standards set by other games in that same genre in the year 2019. One of the things I expect from a loot-based RPG in the year 2019 (2020 now) is a well thought out, rewarding progression system. Saying things like “Borderlands didn’t do that in the past” doesn’t have anything to do with anything today. Diablo 3 also didn’t originally have RNG reducing methods like re-rolling stats, gambling for specific items, etc., but they saw a clear problem and implemented these things to fix that problem. Borderlands needs to do the same.

I’m not disputing the reason why the problem exists, just that something needs done about it.

Yeah, this is an interesting phenomenon, because I love BL1 as well. I think some of this is the fact that I find re-running the BL3 campaign to be legit ear torture, whereas BL1 just has such an awesome atmosphere. Still my favorite in the series to this day.

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