The fatigue is kicking in

Lol this is a very good argument, I didn’t even remember that they said this. Ouch.

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I think the comments were discussing the occasional venting, insulting, hostile or legally dubious comments directed at the devs.

They really don’t help as much as folks seem to think. They also, often, breach the forum rules and ultimately may not be seen by the devs…which I guess defeats their ‘purpose’.

Sure, one might think they’re ‘telling it like it is’ or with ‘honesty’. But there’s no need to be rude or libelous.

Back on topic, though.


The person you are responding to is arguing in the general case; you are arguing in the specific.

If there’s a specific instance where something is not working as expected, a support ticket would probably be a good thing, especially if in general an event is otherwise working as expected.

Yelling at one another, however, will accomplish nothing.


I think he is just arguing that farming for specific items is very clearly a major component of the game as evidenced by Gearbox attempting to support it, unlike what I feel Shure implied in his post.

I think they’re both recognising that farming is a major component of the game; however, they seem to be arguing orthogonally to one another. Which is not exactly helpful.

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Disappointment and anger are two different emotions. Disappointment I understand but I don’t get the anger/rage that gets expressed on these forums about things in this game. You may not agree with him but @shure is not wrong. All the things you have listed is reasonable to expect and disappointing when not delivered but the fact remains NONE of it was promised. And the fact that we are heading into 5 months and a chunk of what you’ve listed is still not the norm in the game means that @shure’s observation more accurately reflects our current reality while you and @Dolan’s positions reflect an expected reality.


I don’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t think any of my posts on this subject have expressed any sort of rage or legit anger. If anything, I would say disappointment perfectly reflects how I feel. I am disappointed to see a franchise that has so much potential refuse to evolve and learn from the improvements made to RNG loot farming by other similar games. Just a few tweaks here and there, many of which are mind-blowingly obvious (like making Proving Grounds actually rewarding, for example) and you have what could be the best looter out there IMO. It feels a bit stuck in the mud right now though, especially with the RNG issue, so it is a bummer. I will say though, the Takedown scaling being changed has me feeling more positive that maybe they will get some of it right eventually.

But I never argued anywhere that any of it was promised, so I’m not seeing how this is relevant.

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Look, this article perfectly sums everything up. It is a month and a half old, but just about everything he discusses here is 100% valid. Obviously, ignore the part about Rare spawns since it looks like yesterday (hopefully) fixed that.


I deemed it relevant to the discussion because you said the following …

So though you were not explicit in saying it was promised the examples you used to jeer at the word “promise” left the door open for my interpretation. But it’s neither here nor there at this point because GBX has once again made positive strides in the game’s direction.

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And dedicated drops do tend to happen, just not with the desired anointments, usually. That tends to be the bulk of the complaints

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No, that’s not really the right extrapolation. Again, there’s a difference between being unhappy about a state of affairs and venting against others for it.

GBX have delivered what they promised by improving the drop rates. Gear does drop. It’s the specific configuration that’s the issue for many and nowhere in the release statement quoted above is that promised. Which in turn means you have no legitimate reason for complaint (which again isn’t the same as not having a legitimate reason to be unhappy).

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I’m arguing that some are perhaps getting a bit too specific. GBX never promised to deliver gear in the exact configuration (including Anointments) that you want. But if you want a specific type of gear then your chances of getting that are raised.

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DOING IT…and doing it faster are the same thing :slight_smile:

If I was completing it, I would not kill my brain, kill the pleasure of playing, trying for 1 single item just to do it faster. What will burn you is a level increase as you will then feel time invested does not equate to pleasure received

Post in the PS4 trade thread and keep bumping. Imagine thousands of players as your collection pool? Also post it on reddit.

good luck.

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Again, most people aren’t arguing about what was or wasn’t promised, people are just frustrated by an outdated/poor design in terms of RNG % and farming methods. You clearly don’t feel that it is outdated for whatever reason, but a lot do. For some reason you are essentially running in to each thread and telling people that they should not feel the way that they do over a random point about Gearbox making promises, which is not remotely relevant to whether the loot system is good or bad.

For example, if Sony releases the PS5 without an HDMI port in 2020, that would obviously frustrate a lot of people because it is a bad design in 2020 in the eyes of most people. However, some would not care. However, whether or not Sony promised an HDMI port has nothing to do with whether or not people are right or wrong to voice their frustrations about a perceived design flaw.

Tldr: BL3 loot system = flawed (in my opinion). Me = voicing the issues I (and others) have in hopes of improvement.

Nothing wrong with that (when not done in a hostile manner).


Actually, I came into this thread to ask a poster what evidence he had to support the claim that the majority of the playerbase was leaving. Maybe you think it’s OK to make wild claims but I prefer to double check facts and figures that’s all. Discussions basically took a few twists and turns as they often do.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - it’s fine to complain that the drop rates aren’t what is hoped for. Some of the exaggerated claims, more entitled comments and uncalled for criticisms of the developers however I find a little harder to accept.


I didn’t intend on sounding like I am attacking the devs directly because I am sure that making changes aren’t as easy as we may think. My post is written out of frustrastion from reading such condesending posts from others as if what we are experiencing in the game is self inflicted and falls directly on OUR shoulders because of how WE choose to play. The more I read from the quoted individual the more I felt they were trying to create a narrative in which farming isn’t a part of the BL experience and that farming only exists because its our personal play style. It really is condescending for another user to tell us “well the game doesn’t have to be played that way, you’re doing it to yourself”.

It must be stated again, my post was not intended to dig at the devs. However, as noted , they did release updates specifically to improve farming. In other posts I have voiced my frustration with the results. It is clear the devs are trying to improve that aspect of the game. Just don’t tell us that it is our fault for puting those updates to the test and not being satisfied with the results.


So, a couple of things to point out to ALL posters in this thread.

  1. Please read the FORUM RULES Specifically, if you believe a post is attacking another user, then flag it for the attention of the moderators instead of responding to it.

  2. If anyone wants to discuss balancing, farming, mobbing, raiding, or whatever, please be clear in your posts about what level you are playing at, because it makes a difference. In the same vein, if you’re talking about farming items, please be clear whether it’s just the item dropping, or the item with specific parts, or the item with specific parts and a specific anointment…

And on that last point, I will note that the way the game is currently set up, getting that perfect god-roll item very much is going to be an exercise in frustration because the odds are stacked against you. Even tripling the current designated drop rate wouldn’t make it much less frustrating as long as there are as many possible anointments as there are - the odds are simply against you. So I would suggest a more helpful discussion might be centred around how the anointment system could be improved.


I agree with that. That’s why I keep emphasizing that I think the solution isn’t necessarily a boost to drop rates; it’s something more along the lines of a re-roll mechanic. They need some way other than just farming to cut down on the RNG.

Did the hex grenade move drop locations?
70 runs on the sky bullies and no drop. But over 20 shooting stars and about 10 rebel yells :/. As a side note the red chest opposite the sky bully spawn now drops 1-6 legendaries every run haha

It’s pretty clear to me that there is a huge disconnect between the PC players and console players.

There are shortcuts to your gear on one platform that isn’t available on the others, so the problem become much more apparent.

I’d say even BL2 were vastly different experience based on which platform you played on.

I’ve have a desire to jump over to PC for prospect of community patches in the future, for example. I don’t think i’m alone in feeling that on PC you can focus on the fun were on console you’re stuck with what you get, good and bad.

Killing a boss 2000 times is a negative thing for the majority. Even if it’s a normal case of RNG, the point being made by many is that there’s no way to reduce the bad RNG streak that is available in so many other games in this genre. Pretty much any loot game today have a re-roll feature.