The feeling I get when Pendles kills me is hard to describe

I’d like to say it’s anger, but it’s probably something more extreme than that. I am just playing the game, then all the sudden I am getting hit, slowed down, and then I’m dead, and there’s nothing I can do about it. It really sucks the fun out of some games. I really hate that they put a true stealth assassin in this game.


Yeah, I feel your pain. There ARE ways to combat him, but as I’ve said elsewhere, even when I’m taking one down, it isn’t fun for me. Not something I wanted to see added either.

There are plenty of tips for combating him in some of the other threads. He’s not going anywhere, so might as well make the best of it.


what are we supposed to do like 2 weeks from now when his popularity dies down and just becomes another duder in the roster to pick and when he is picked nobody takes a reveal?

I don’t think he his overpowered by any means but I am quite concerned about what he adds to a team. He is a low risk and at the worst moderate reward hero and really hope to see him tweaked in someway down the line


I would like to see a shield and health nerf on penfles
even ifs only like a 10% nerf. I would shoot him with ghalts gun nonstop I’m the head. Critical hit after critical hit. Do you know what happens next.

im dead. And he still has all his health and a quarter of his sheilds left. Happens alot when I fight certain people. This is before pendles has gear active at all. He will even has another person im my team shooting at it. And he just doesn’t budge. Sometimes it seems like some of these people are cheating. Buts its impossible to tell. Hopefully they come up with something that can really help us spot out cheaters. This game is boring and sad when playing cheaters.


It s frustrating, for real.

I’m getting used to it.

Warranted or not, I would put good money on some over-the-top, reactionary, players-are-crapping-their-pants, nerfs hitting him in the near future.

Quick melee is also not really a thing anymore. Hit him once and he just lunges back with injection


People keep mentioning quick Melee like its some super useful thing.


What am I missing about it?


So for me its useful when I am ranged, and some pesky Melee keeps trying to smash my face in.

A quick melee to push them away, then back off while blasting them in the face.

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Well quick melee WAS awesome. It gave you considerable breathing room against a lot of melee. Usually not enough to to stop them from killing you but enough of a breather for a teammate to help you with them. It was everyone’s answer for raths blender. But now you get one quick melee of full space and all the other ones after don’t seem to do anything after. Truthfully I think quick melee efficacy should be based on size. I remember being juggled as Montana by 3 different people to death

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I’m one of those people who doesn’t like stealth characters in most games as it is- No matter how balanced they are, it will never be fun to have someone jump on you and make you disappear.

I think the real issue is there were no ‘True’ stealth characters until Pendles- Characters could briefly turn invis, sure, but Pendles’ entire strategy is tied to not being seen. No one is really used to having a character that can pop at any time and punish you for being distracted(At least, not to his extent). Shayne for example doesn’t have nearly the chase/kill/disappear magic act that Pendles has, so while I don’t think he’s OP, he is absolutely not fun to play against, multiplied by ten if he is part of a premade.


I said it the first few days after Pendles was playable and all were still “sneky snek”: people will cry. Every game with stealth draws in griefers and turns off other players. I remember arenanet said for gw2 they wont put in perma stealth, but a stealth at cooldown. High damage still made the thief very powerful.

Pendles can kill in seconds and you cower in groups just you wont be catched alone. This forces me into a playstyle i dont want. Break from the group to harvest shards or take thralls and you most probably will be backstabbed in a unfavorable situation he can easily choose.

This in isnt a game for perma stealth.


Every Pendles I’ve come across fails to actually fight anyone. For one thing it’s so easy to see them when cloaked, as long as your not distracted. I always spend my time looking around at my environment, and I keep seeing his blurry, hazy, distortion effect trying to sneak up on me. Then he runs away after I start shooting at him. The only time I see Pendles killing someone is when he killsteals from a teammate of his. The Pendles I see only get kills off of <50 health people who would have gotten killed from one hit of anything. I’ve actually never seen a decent Pendles who takes on full health people and win, snuck up on or not.


Then those Pendles were absolute beginners. Pendles i see clean our base off turrets and get kills after kills. Its not unusual for them ending 25-30:0.

They stay on your back, so no blurry. Even tanks get killed easily in a blind injection backstab. Everything else is denial.

I have seen bad benedicts. But most are using the actual state of the character and melt faces. Of course people playing benedict say he is ok. Same with pendles.

Pendles is a finisher. If you’re fighting in lane with half health or less of course he’s going to kill you, Deande was able to do that since beta and nobody complained then. If a Pendles has high kills, chances are his teammates have far less than him, because he punishes those who are out of position or fighting when they should be backing up. Which is exactly what the other assassins in this game do. Just because Pendles has a lot of kills doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of a match. I’ve had 20+ kills with him in losing matches because while I can secure kills, Pendles can’t skirmish or push waves as effectively as almost every other BB and you can’t 100-0 most BB with Pendles. He spends more time waiting for an opportunity or skulking around the enemy base then he does killing enemies or having a presence in lane. All of tbese things and more are why Pendles has little impact ob matches and relies on a strong team to carry him while he cleans up for them.

As for people playing Pendles saying he’s ok, I learned to fight him before I learned to play him and I referred to him as a pissant, then I learned to play him and at first I still didn’t like him, it wasn’t until completing his lore that I finally settled on him. I’ve seen awful and great Pendles players, like most characters, some bad ones get the better of me on occasion and sometimes I trash some good ones. Pendles is not a game breaking character, and if he gets nerfed the game will break him.


The only problem i have with him is the one time i faces a good one while on a bad team. He spent the first few minits of the game destroying our turrets while the rest of the team pushed us from mid feild to our sentery. When i noticed all our terrets were out i burned all my shards to bring back a thumper just to have it disappear the next time i looked at it. At that point my sentery was taking damage, i had no shards and my base had no terrets, along with having no gear active. We lost bad, but i rarely see pendels in battle, and ive learned how to deal with him when i know hes in my area but he still has that smoke bomb so i almost never get to finnish him off.

ThIs is not a pendles problem though marquis whiskey Toby OM have always been able to destroy turrets from a distance without harm.


Honestly, the only change I’d like to see on Pendles is his movement speed increase from cloaking be an over time thing to hit the max bonus.
It’d mean Pendles players would have be a bit more cautious cause they’d be just slightly easier to kill without having to save up all your decloaks and silences and stuns for days.
I can usually spot a Pendles after cloaking, but as a melee character can’t keep up with his speed and lose him, and as a console player can’t hit him very well ranged to get that last bit of health off.

Going to disagree here slightly. A great Pendles preys upon the the exact opposite of this, the player that DOES back up when they should. This separates them from allies (who may not otherwise need to fall back) in a wounded state, allowing easy kills and easy return to stealth.

You could argue that someone shouldn’t be moving back alone, but I would counter that there was no need to do so before. This is the kind of reason I maintain that his presence on the battlefield alters the game in a way I don’t care for.


I wouldn’t argue that, escorting a wounded ally is nobody’s job nor business, if you’re low you get out and get healed. When you don’t, you get Pendled.

Yes you’re right, Pendles preys on the weak, and can indeed follow wounded enemies deeper than most BB, perhaps my wording was off here. But that’s how he gets most of his kills, he’s not skirmishing he’s waiting for an opportunity to present itself, like the sneaky snake he is. But he’s not the only one who can, many OM players frequently cloak and drop napalm on a weakened enemy, Deande specialises in these sorts of assassinations, Phoebe can teleport in and pick up an easy kill, burst killers like Orendi and Thorn thrive off of those situations. And Mellka with that damn Spike-Claw Lunge combo UGH she can dive the sentry, kill and escape almost effortlessly (Now THAT pisses me off!)

My point is, this has been happening since beta, just in different ways, it’s not game changing, and Pendles can be countered by an attentive and dilligent one, even low health would-be snake bait can turn the tide and make Pendles regret coming out of stealth. Popping cloak after the kill is just a new way of assassinating, but he sacrifices a lot of survivability and burst-DPS for that capability, enough BB have been able to do it for long enough that if it was never a problem before I don’t see why it should be one now.

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I have played up to a hundred matches with Pendles and found there are really only three ways to play him. A) If the enemy team is in pairs and you can’t sneak up and get a kill then its time to kill buildables and harass the team. B) Able to kill small groups of weak enemies with Miasma and thrown smoke bomb. Not the best choice but is doable with the right gear. And C) Singe target at full health. If you spec properly and get the most out of his health steal you can 1v1 a enemy however if another one shows up he had better have a smoke bomb or he is toast. Still odd how few good Pendles players Ive seen sense Early Access and his release. Still I think he adds a cool bit of awareness some of us have forgotten about sense the beggining.